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EnMod Games

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Great!  Thanks for playing :D

Ah I see...I'm going to assume pressing Spacebar did nothing then in that case? That is the current default binding for confirmation.  I can push a build with the enter button as another option to confirm. 

Hey, thanks for trying it out! 

Could you elaborate on what you're pressing, and whether you're using a controller?  I can use arrow keys and spacebar to interact with the buttons fine in a Kubuntu VM.

I want to read it but I am unable to scroll through the embedded portion :( maybe add a fullscreen button in the game's settings on Itch?

Hey everyone! If you're experiencing any strange behavior or bugs, report them here and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!  

Please try to stick to this format:

- Type: Gameplay, UI, etc.
- Version: i.e. v1.0.0
- What's Happening: This is where you can describe to me in as much detail as you can what's happening when the bug occurs.

Thanks for playing!

Hey everyone!

Life REALLY has a way of drawing your attention.  Yes I know that's a bit against the spirit of this jam, but hey; sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Over the course of the last months I've been whittling away at and finally getting my entry up to the scope I had for it in my head; I'm proud of the results but I'd love to know what you all think!

You can check out The Labyrinthine Night here: https://enmod.itch.io/the-labyrinthine-night

Thanks for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it.  The control choice was part of the theme of "Growing Up".

When I first played PC games when I was younger I would play any classic style platformers with K and L as analogues to B and A on an NES, since "arrow keys + z/x" felt, and still feels, really weird to me.  Similarly, F and H were always "Select" and "Start" for me.  If this was any other jam theme I most definitely would have gone with Space as I agree it's more intuitive of a control for "accept" or "do".  Maybe I went a bit to hard on the theme relevance lol.

Glad you liked the art!  I'll take credit for manipulating the assets and laying them out, but finalbossblues' asset pack is the real hero there.  Also Kenney's KenPixel Nova font from his first asset pack, so good!

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Yep, that would be the DPI  scaling issue I mention in the Install Instructions section, if you're on Windows.  Not sure how to solve it on other platforms yet as my current main platform is Windows. Following the steps there should solve the problem if Windows is your OS, if not, changing your DPI scaling settings in your OS should solve it there.

Thanks a ton for doing a video on it though, glad you liked it! The confusion is more or less intended :) WarioWare was big on that.

Very interesting combination of "step on the tiles in sequence" mechanics from games like Zelda: Link's Awakening, "hot/cold" balancing, and item collection.  Integrating the theme into your mechanics went well here, the sound effects were humorous but helped me "get" what I was supposed to be doing.

Reminded me a lot of those old "step on the tiles in sequence" puzzles in certain tile-based adventure games back in the day, like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.  In that there were "color dungeons" with a similar mechanic.

Outstanding entry.  The music really helped sell the emotion of each segment, and you nailed the concept of "growing up" in both theme relevance and scaling up of difficulty/complexity of each task.  The learning curve was a bit too steep for me at times, but that's how it is growing up.  Great job on this!

Thanks, means a lot!  Can't wait to make some more, I'm feeling inspired!

Check out mine over here.

I'm assuming all the usual NaNo rules apply, just that the story itself should be written as a CYOA and used to make a Twine game. Is there any more clarification you can give us, BurningWoodM?

I'm using Twine 2. Snowman in that version is WAY more friendly for me, and doesn't have the time-consuming whitespace cleanup you have to do on the other formats.

Hello everyone! I was working incredibly hard on my entry for the jam, but missed the deadline due to life. I was hoping I could still at least post the link for it here to see what you all think. When I have time tomorrow I'll be playing more of the entries so I can see what submissions I've been missing out on!