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Yes, the biggest problem in this build is, that you can't turn off the post processing effects (ambient occlusion, bloom, depth of field). I'm planning to add this option to turn off all these effects in the next version. It can drasctically increase the performance.


Dont worry, everything will be kept.

The build was not updated yet. This is just a list of what can be expected.

Sure, you can send the invite link.

He has a single capsule collider in the middle.

Yes, the pile of meat is killable (5 shots), there is actually no spread on the shotgun, I have just made the projectile bigger. The projectile flies from the shotgun not from middle screen.


Thanks for the feedback, by the way it was made solo and the shotgun is shooting a real projectile, so there could not be a range cutted.

Awesome game really enjoyed playing it. Try playing around with the ui elements a bit more.