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childhood striking my brain

nice job bud, i really looking forward for its future

I'm sorry you had to go through this the online community tends to be very douchey I hope you're well

i see, thanks i really though that was actually all of the game on this version

can someone help me? it stuck in this part

duude this final, i must say it caused fellings, not spoiling thoo

yooo this seens great, totally excited for its future

heh yea i been here, so you have discord or telegram? you can have mine @WolfKuugo in telegram and @kuugs#2242 in discord

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hey bud,you should't

 care about haters, but yes at those who appreciate you, and well id like to know you, if you want you can have my dm so we can chat, i dont think you deserve to fell like this and if i can help somehow you fell better i happy to try, you do an awesome job but i rather not have you suffering than see updates or even this vn being resumed, your well being is more important

ah i see! thanks! <3

quick question! which routes are well, ''finished''? i oly plyed diogo one and my heart would break if i tried any other on the moment

whoever made hater comments about this game, totally dint even cared to give it a try, your work is awesome and totally a motivation to make one one day

haha will do! Great job bud, also i still have that old demo :3

Dude i loved the game! I played it as a demo on furafinnity once, different name, art but same characters and story, i happy that after being cancelled the game came back, also pleaaaaase make a route for logan!

not being able to rename isint quite te problem ,the thing is that we who follow th project since the first demo become used to the option,i do like the MC being dave or not he is awesome but that experience we had on the start was simply unreplaceble,its your project you must do it as you please,everyone will still love it,i know i do

Exactly,like if they wanted that much to have the character with its original bame they could just had pressed enter

Hey do you guys have discord? I have something for 2

ikr, he is awesome

aw i like being able to choose the name but since only one person dont count i guess i will have to delete my save files and letting just the first one so i can stay with my name

again awesome visual novel i really looking forward for more of tyson

well if i simply told u i would ruin the fun to people so lets say that way:is related to his personality in the opposite way

if u still down get it here my discord so only you will get the answer @WolfKuugo#8158 

also awesome game again grizz,looking forward for more of tyson

good choice for sure,he IS one of the best characters

awesome! its really good for now and i do hope to see more of it (also did u based T on alp from housamo? if yes it was a really good reference)

i can feel that this one will be awesome already (btw i noticed some refferences) good job cant wait to see more from you

can you please tell me the minimum requiriments for this game? 

that game is aweasome, I really liked it I cant wait until the game be completed

what the requirements to run that game?

what the system requirements to play that game?

how can I save the game?

the game not open

I can t play the 1.32 version In windowns what I can do to fix it?

I play the windows version but not work like the version before the 1.32

the game dont open in this version what I can do to fix it?

you can make it in a long and cool game?plese im your fan. and your can make for me a sprite pack of this game i like your characters thanks for read this :

you can make it in a long and cool game?plese im your fan. and your can make for me a sprite pack of this game i like your characters thanks for read this :