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I feel like the list of achievements that I'm about to post may make this game better or give the game some more playability, maybe even adding a few things.

"The City of Gold" : Earn 50k Gold, 50k population, and 5k Reputation.

"Prosperous Year" : Earn 10k gold in under a year. (365 game days)

"A Heartless King" : Make 100 deals that involve sacrificing population.

"Thieves Guild" : Make 100 accepted deals with the Theif.

"Addicted" : Accept Butler's better tea offer 100 times.

"Tea Overload" : Accept Butler's better tea offer 1k times.

"Busted!" : Arrest 100 people.

"Overgrown" : Buy 100 flowers.

"Purrfect" : Feed the cat 100 times.

"I Once Was An Adventurer" : Send the Knight on 100 quests.

"Then I Took An Arrow to the Knee" : Have the Knight return from 100 failed quests.

"Vault of Broken Dreams" : Gain 50k gold then lose it all.

"It's Game Over, Man!" : Gain 1k population, then lose them all.


Here is where additional items from updates would need to be added.

(Achievements involving possibly adding Plagues into the mix)

"Ring Around the Rosie" : 500 citizens infected by a plague. 

"Plague Docter" : Kill all infected citizens.

"We All Fall Down!" : Entire population killed off by plague.

"Witch Docter" : Encounter and accept the Witch Docter's offer to cure the kingdom. (At the cost of 1k gold)

(Achievements involving possibly adding Dungeon Crawling Expeditions)

"A Box Without Hinges, Key nor Lid" : Find a Dragon's Egg.

"An Unopenable Chest" : Find a Magically Sealed Chest.

"Broken Seal" : Encounter and accept the Master Wizard's offer to open the chest. (At the cost of 100 population)

"Trial and Error" : Fail 50 Expeditions.

"Gate to the Underworld" : Find the Gate of Alterland.

"Open, Says a Me!" : Encounter and accept the offer of the Priest to open the Gate of Alterland. (At the cost of 500 gold and 50 population)

(Achievements involving possibly adding new spells from the Wizard)

"Blinded" : Lose the ability to see. (You can no longer see your status on Population, Reputation, and Gold. This also changes the color of everything to black with white outlines.)

"Alluring" : Gain temporary Reputation increases for 10 days. (Will give the player 5+ Reputation every day for ten days)

"Old Age" : Your hearing fades and you gain cataracts... (Text will become slightly jumbled and it becomes harder to see who's speaking by replacing names with question marks or randomly generated names with a question mark at the end and fading the characters out.)

"The Cure" : Curses are removed. (It is a 20% chance that the wizard will cure you and a 10% chance that the knight will bring back a healing potion.)


Well, that's all I've got for now. If you have any suggestions for more Ahievements that you think should be in the next updates (If one ever happens, that is) then just mention it below! Thanks for reading!