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sorry to hear that! what kind of joystick do you have? Godot should support any input device that is SDL compatible (which should be quite a lot). maybe you could also try “X360CE” (it’s free to download) or a similar controller emulator - you can map your device inputs to compatible xinput inputs with that!

thank you nilson! :>


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hey! thank you for the comment! i meant to write an update post for the launch of this years qgb but didn’t manage to in the end :S I recently applied to some project funding to take some time to finish the game. If that goes through I’ll be able to post updates here more regularly hopefully :> So far I’ve been slowly chipping away at it whenever I find some time. I was thinking of starting a devlog and just posting a bit of my wip. would you be interested in that? (or anyone else following this project?)

Hey! Just updated the game with the final release version, check out my post for more info if you like ✨


thank you so much for checking it out! ohno though, did you play the jam or postjam version? in the end it got quite hectic putting everything together for the deadline, so i think there are some bugs. I thought krisekrise fixed some level loading crash for the postjam version though.. we’ll take a look!



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Hey Dankkrish! No, I wouldn’t say that. I’m still working on it but after the end of the bundle I was unhappy with how it was progressing so I scrapped some of my ideas and am currently trying to figure out a way to finish it up in a way that I would be happy with. :/ I guess I’m a bit stuck but I really do want to complete this project. Sorry for the delay 🐌

Nah, sorry 🐙 I wanted to add that but unfortunately I didn’t have time to implement it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the synth though :>

Thank you 💖 I’m happy that that I could give you a taste of modular synthesizers 😊


Thank you Taylor for the kind words! 🐚
And thanks for putting all the care and effort into organizing the bundle, really looking forward to it! 💚

i went ahead and purchased this after claiming and reading the free copy because I just fell in love with the writing. the whole setup is sharp and discomforting in a way that hits just right. thank you.

thank you for the comment! here's your complementary nova bomb *v*

that means a lot to me, thank you kindly!

"I have a secret for you: You've been pricked by the engagement, and now you are totally clever."

I appreciated the accompanying zine pdf quite much! Especially the parts on the architecture references. And the speak&spell/toy-like interface was fun as a dialog system. Very cool ❄!

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I love this list very much, very nicely collaged!🌊 I recommend listening to this while reading: (Dire, Dire Docks - Mario 64 OST)

Oh! Thank you a bunch, I didn't know that's a thing. Thanks for including my piece :)

Unfortunately I got tangled in my messy work pacing which means I'm a bit late to submit to the jam. 🐌 But I still wanted to post here in case anyone would like to check out my entry regardless:

Thank you kindly and looking forward to taking a look at all the latest submissions!

me too. that research && image collection twitter thread is beautiful.

i like the snow

Really beautifully written. I felt really captivated by the experience like being lost in my own daydream. :)

Myst Jam community · Created a new topic [DevLog?] μ
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(working title)


So, I came across this jam yesterday and suddenly felt quite motivated to join in!
I'm actually not amazingly familiar with Myst and just recently got into it. But I really liked the atmosphere and lore behind it. Travelling through the different ages, understanding their rules, their history and also that some of those worlds were unstable, I don't know I just find something really intriging about it..
I had some ideas about that in my head for a while now and I'm looking forward to try to articulate some of them during this jam!

Also I guess I also like drawing islands a lot..

About the game

The game is called μ, or myː, or . I'm not quite sure yet about that but I thought it sounded nice.

It will be played by controlling a small little character by pointing and clicking and is mostly going to be about exploration and discovering different worlds or islands.
I'm not sure if there is going to be much gameplay apart from exploring and just being in different and weird and strange, calm places.

In the end I hope to have those worlds procedurally generated so there will always be something new and mysterious about every place you travel to.

I'm not really sure yet how far I will come during the week, but I hope I'll have something cool by the end of the jam.

Here is an little sketch I did yesterday, trying to get a feel for the game, I hope you like it!

I'll try to keep you updated here!

PS: Thanks a lot Sophie for hosting this jam!!