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NICE GAME!!!!!!! I love the graphics, nice job guys!

Love this game

Are you planning to make a 4 player lan version? I really enjoy your game, Nice job!

What happen with the registration mail?!

Am, sorry but can you make a more fine looking menus in the game? I only see the main menu and its the basic buttons from Unity. I made a 5min try to create another looking and is weird too. Look XD

You did it! Great Game!

Hey! I see a Windows and Mac version available but no Linux one, What happen? ;-;

Can you create a project for camera follow and send to me?

I hope If I see how it works I can made my own mode/method for camera follow. Thanks

I'm trying this but does not work :(

-This in global variables:

let characterVelocity = playerActor.arcadeBody2D.getVelocityX();

-This in another actor code: ;

The game not run with this lines, I don't know how I can get this work :(

Hello people;

How can I make the camera follow the player character?

Please help me, thanks.

Hello, my name is Joaquinton and I'm from Spain :)

I had a little bit of experience in Music, Sprites, Programming with Scratch XD lol lollylops, and more things.

My English level is too low, I need to practice more.

Bye :)

Hello people;

I'm just asking if I can use the lines of a code(behavior) in another code like this:

I wrote this in /Player/behavior:

let velocity =;

And now I want to use this in /Camera/cCamera

let characterVelocity = "Player".arcadeBody2D.getVelocity();

How can I do this?

I hope you can understand me....

Thanks, My English is to bad because I'm Spanish XD