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wow! Simple awesome, the compass was a nice touch. Keep doing horror games, It's your thing. Good job!

Oh no, cliffhanger! I hope you can continue, good job!

Super relaxing! Good job!

I loved! Good use of mechanics, I'm impressed by how simple it is and yet it still feels so good to play, everything is perfectly balanced, good job!

Good game! Really got me thinking, I have 4 brothers. Taking care of the house doesn't have easy mode. It's fun and makes a good use of the theme, good job!

Fantastic game! The mechanic is simple, challenging and fun at same time. It's a good design, well done!

It was a very nice experience! Good combination of music, art and a good use of the theme. Great job!

I like the animations, it felt very slow walking but running solves it.

I think that being a horror game the player should not have so much freedom to move, if you guide him along a path challenging him to advance while keeping him in suspense of anything that could happen, you will generate a good atmosphere. Something that would help a lot is that the player does not move through the tiles.

Excellent work! I really like it. I panicked several times, the baby is a poop machine XD

Thanks! Wendy is an amazing  artist! We are sad that we didn't make it in time

I've just tested it in firefox 65 and works well but in Vivaldi (chromium based) crash. Are you using chrome?

I've upload a version for mac, hope that works for you.

Weird, some friends were testing on windows and they could play it. Short answer, the code need a refactor, unfortunately, i don't have time now.

Lolo, our musician is happy to hear that!. It's the first time we make a game in Godot, in few words the code is a spaghetti, sorry for that, the intention is to slow down the demon when a priest is near, for that we use Area2D nodes, maybe the speed is been changing in a crazy way somewhere.