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Adventure Game Studio is infamous for those small problems like those. I also know that alt+tab can cause graphic issues. Unfortunately I cannot fix these things.  
In future I'll have in team a REAL programmer and things will change! Thank you so much! 
Oh, about "my death", it's correct! Adiel knows that she's going to die (or vanish?!) very soon.
3rd edit: you're right. It should be "take IT to the Arcanist"! :0.

Thank you very much Avatar! Just few questions about your review, for the final version fixing purposes:
1. No music? There are 3 songs, intro, in the "Sirn moment" and "after-cosmos". It's very strange that they not work. O-o
2. Can you tell me grammar issues in the start, if you mind? :)
And just a funny tip: Our protagonist is intended as male, but he still has no name, and I chose an androgynous type because he represents the humanity. 
Btw, I'm working on the 2nd episode and it will be full of lore and explorations of characters! Keep follow, I have in mind a nice story  (4 episodes) :)
I'll share your review in my social channels asap. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! It is very appreciated. Open that wallet! :)

Hey! This is amazing! Thank you so much! A nice demo.
It's difficult however to run smoothly. Double arrow tap like in the original, but you need to stop and THEN run, or Will continue to walk... And this is very annoying for an action game. Imo you can set a different runnning system, maybe with a different key.
But, thanks, for a retrogamer this demo is a joy :)

Well, let's start with interpretations then! Thank you very much for the feedback!

Moorland Sonata is my second point and click puzzle project, available from now at this link:
An eerie point and click puzzle game. No saves, no loads: a one-shot short story! A strange and cold night in the moorland. Follow the moon into a dreamy time-distorted reality. The pale lady needs your help: what is your choice? 
Check out the first one also, if you like my art! Any feedback would be useful for me in order to improve new games!