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i can't believe detective onion canonically got married and died!

This is a really cool hack, and a great demonstration!

This is so good!! The writing is so fun and it's all really stylish. ooh and I love the screen shake effect!

This is really cool! The sprites having shadows is a really nice touch that I don't think I've seen in any bitsy game before

This wouldn't have been possible without the dark powers of dril

wow, I feel enlightened

that would be so great

thanks, i'm glad you liked it!!

fantastic! this is what dril was hoping for when he invented jams

Thank you! :D

oh my god "edited 6 times" hahaha

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this is visual poetry

This is really cute, and it's so big! I love the title screen too, what a good cat :3

Hey, that's an Easy Update song! Cool!

Great game also, I really like these characters

this is so cute I love it!

If you get stuck on a tile, there might be an exit there that doesn't lead anywhere. It may not show up in the exit window even, but you can look in the game data.

Ha yeah, little kittens have to eat often! Thanks for playing ^^

well you get dirty from playing, that's just how it is in this world! 

hahaha yeah he gets scary! I was just playing around drawing faces and then once in a while I'm like "ok this one is terrible, let's put it in the game"

hahaha this turned out great! sorry about your music troubles!

This is nice! In case you don't know there's a bitsy game jam going on right now, and the theme this month is cats. You could submit it here if you want more people to see your game: https://itch.io/jam/cats-bitsy

hahaha this is great! what a mean girlfriend!

this is such a sweet story! And your artwork is lovely as always!

oh my god this is the cutest thing I've ever seen

they're all so cute! I don't have any pets, so this is a great substitute!

This is nice, I really like how you've changed up the visuals in this game!

I kinda feel bad for the characters though, they're all a bit sad today

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I like it, good job on your first game!

Yeah, now it's working!

I love the stargazing scenes, really nice touch!

Hi, it looks like you haven't uploaded a game file. There's nothing to play on the page.

This is maybe the best gambling game I've ever played

wow I love them

Hi, I'm sorry the ending hack didn't work out for you! Was there anything specific you had a problem with?

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oh no, this is so sad! poor toby :c

ohh ok, thanks for clarifying! I definitely need to play this with friends some time, make a lil fightin band

This is a really fun concept! The fighting feels really tight, it's fun even when you're just wailin on the base enemies. If you plan to work any more on this, consider healing the player when they return to camp. 

This is so fun! I really hope I'll see more of it!

I'm curious though, are the drummers viable at all? They have 0 attack, how does that work?

If you download the itch.io app on your computer, you can save games in it and play them offline

This is so impressive. I'm not a visual novel expert, but this is definitely the most stylish one I've played. And you made this in a weekend, that's amazing!

this is really good! You put so much personality into the characters with just a few lines each