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thank you, it was a lot of fun to make!

ahh man i should have put that cat in as an easter egg...

oh thank you, i'm glad you liked it!

it is such a funny web site

thank you!

thank you! this was my first game ever ^^

oh yay thanks for playing!

woah this is cool...

omg we both made musical games! this is so cozy!!

this is so funny... and surprisingly hard!

hahahaha i love this song!!

omg this is sooo good!!! it really feels so much like a detective onion game

fdsgxgf this is so funny

this is such a fun adventure!

thats what christmas is all about

aaa ducky i love this!! just a frog driving a car...

oh my godddd this is the cutest!!!!! i love this dog!!!

lmao yeah i listened to it so many times while making this...

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this is so cozy! love to have cocoa with a friend

this is so good onion!!! man rgbitsy is such a big help

omg this has such a good vibe, i love it!

yes it's such a fun song! it's christmas and my prompt was space so i just had to do it!

happy holidays sean!!

I love these robots theyre so cute!!!

hob of nichi

this is so cute!!!

thank you, i really liked this

this is great!

aa i can't believe i haven't seen this before now! this is so good!

oh i like this, playing as electricity is a really neat idea!

thank you, every game should have an animal petting upgrade

this is cuuuute!!

ooh i like this, very spooky!

oh i'm so impressed with this, especially for something made in less than two days!! i really think the pacing feels perfect, even down to how far apart the narration items are placed

oh yay, thanks!

oh wow this is really substantial, i love your writing!

this is really cool, i especially love how wet my shoes sound in this game

oh wow, i can't believe i didn't get around to this until now! this is such a fun story, and i really love the style of the selfies too

ah thank you!! this is the first game i ever finished so it's got a special place in my heart...

thank you! i'm happy i managed to get them so expressive