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Thanks for the compliments, it means a lot! <3

You're the first person I hear about who played the other versions of the game... I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Is this a video game or a tabletop RPG? Your short description seemed to say it was inspired by the "Belonging Outside Belonging" system, so I'm curious :)

Merci à toi !

Hi! I sent you an email the very same day to ask for your postal address; I realize now I never got an answer and I should have sent a follow-up email. 
Email me at come DOT martin AT gmail DOT com with your postal address and I'll send you a copy next week! I'm terribly sorry for the delay.

Idée géniale ! Le concept d'un antagoniste poursuivant les PJ à travers le Centre rajoute une touche délicieusement angoissante à cette ultime confrontation...

Excellente collection ! J'ai un faible pour le cinéma dans lequel il ne faut pas parler fort sous peine de se faire enguirlander...

Comment n'ai-je pas pensé à ce magasin pour le Centre ? Il est pourtant indispensable !

Ravi que ça t'ait plu !

Et je suis fan de ton dessin du logo :)

A billion thanks for this very thorough review! I'm glad you liked the collection :)

VIOLENCE/SEX/POOP is indeed a sort of study in excess, written at a time where some French RPG players expressed fake outrage at the idea of the X-Card and emotional safety in games. As such, its scribbly font participates to the experience...

In Robonimals, you do get your tokens back after resolving the action, though you're right I should have specified this.

For The Seal Will Be Broken, I must admit I forgot how it works exactly. Rereading it, I'd say the communal pool only refills during group scenes, by getting successes to keep the Old God asleep. This is a game about slowly losing, after all!

A very promising little game! A bit barebones but with enough to convey wonder and magic, as well as a simple and interesting game system :)

I should set them up by the end of the month! If you want one before that, please drop me a line: come DOT martin AT gmail DOT com and I'll see what I can do :)

I'm definitely not smart enough for this game but it's very good! Each puzzle takes more and more time to solve as I stare at the board in despair, then suddenly find the perfect solution. A great pick for coffee breaks, though an undo button would have been a nice addition!

A very cool looking game, which is a nice addition to its genre! There is enough diversity to keep one engaged, and even if things get repetitive after a while, the usual length of levels (a couple minutes max) makes me come back during every work break!

Il y a des accents de la Horde du Contrevent là-dedans, mais pas seulement... C'est aussi un jeu sur la sororité et l'entraide face à l'adversité, qui emprunte au système de Dread en en retournant la proposition : il ne s'agit plus ici de finir par mourir de peur mais de parvenir en haut du mur au prix d'efforts finalement payants. De belles ascensions émotionnelles en perspective !

This is a beautiful game, both layout-wise and in what it offers to players: not exactly Gaiman's Neverwhere but quite close, with enough differences to make it a distinct entity. The game system is simple and elegant and promises many wonderful tales of dark exploration!

A game full of warm feelings and beautiful relationships, which redefines what RPGs can be about: sometimes it's just about spending time in a sunny bubble and bring back a smile and a happy heart from it!

Un jeu plein de sentiments et de belles amitiés, pour une autre conception du JdR : juste un temps suspendu plein de soleil dont on ressort le sourire aux lèvres !

A very interesting little game, with shades of Zelda all around! It's a shame the overall world feels a little empty and doesn't include a map, but the four dungeons provide a good challenge and some clever ideas :)

Nice little game, perhaps a little too simple and short for my tastes, but the idea is sound and promising!

I've got the same bug in the Mac version :(

A wonderful little puzzle game, with truly challenging levels! My only gripe with it is that it's criminally short :)

Very cool little game! I wanted to go back and kill Dracula's pets after finishing the game, though, and bugs began piling up as soon as I left the village :(

Extremely elegant, with a take on minimalistic rules I don't think I've ever seen in another game. Kudos!

A very simple and elegant strategy game, which gets perhaps a little too easy after some time training against the AI! However, one can also play online or versus a human, and then things get much more complicated...

A wonderful gem of a game, nailing the difficulty curve perfectly and with such a beautiful design all around!

A very cute puzzle game, with just the right difficulty curve: just when you think you've mastered one of the game's mechanics, another one is introduced to make things more complicated! Like the previous commenters, I truly enjoy my experience with "A Wish Upon A Star" and only regret it's so short :)

This is a great setting, which accomplishes in a handful of pages what others struggle to do with hundreds. Every single item is filled with meaning and helps build a very singular atmosphere. One can feel the influence of The Stygian Library in there, yet the Museum of Loss very much has its own voice, which is showcased by its brilliant layout!

That was the only game mechanic I truly disliked; it required me to remap controls to work. It's a shame as the rest of the game is really enjoyable!

A very interesting game, perhaps a little too repetitive but redeemed by its surprisingly dark ending and its tough last levels!

Un beau jeu dystopique, paranoïaque et angoissant, qui commence comme du Kafka pour finir comme du K. Dick, avec en outre une proposition de jeu des plus originales !

An original system which is a perfect fit for the types of games Smash the System aims for: games about finesse, stealth, careful planning and, of course, bringing it all down with a bang. A very nice little game!

A simple and efficient little game, with a cool premise and enough to make it work! The prospect of playing downtrodden mages is much more appealing to me than playing a lofty one :)

A very nice worldbuilding game, with a distinct nostalgic tint and the good idea to focus things on a PC rather than on a bird's eye view of the world created!

Pas de souci ! Ça m'évite les sueurs froides d'avoir à tout reprendre ;)

C'est-à-dire ?

Is it coincidence? I wrote a one-pager last month with exactly the same premise!

We could have made a jam out of that ;)

I went in this blind and am glad I did. I'll just say the game is much shorter than what you think, so do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as possible!