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A breakout bullet-hell game! It's great. :) I never got a chance to fully understand the differences in tiles since it gets pretty intense pretty fast, but it's oodles of fun. Also, nice work bringing Clojure into Godot! So cool to see this! 

Aw, back at it again! I love the track and sound effects. They balance each other super well and really help set the tone of the game. The game concept is also really great! I got a bit impatient and sped through the tutorials which made it take a bit longer to understand the colored buttons bit, but otherwise great work!

Ran into this bug after Level 3:

Nice job!! This is a really neat concept. :)


Nice job! Fun gameplay, great graphics, and map generators are always a plus!  

This was so fun!! The mechanic where every bullet could either save you or kill you was fantastic; there's definitely some meta possibilities by creating bullet barriers and other fun stuff like that! The music was tasteful, the core concept was solid, and the game was quite challenging! Great work!

Nice twist on pong! A single player option would have been nice, but fun game nevertheless!

This was a lot of fun! I was hella impressed at how much content y'all managed to stuff in here; great work wrapping it all together! And random map generator? Awesome!

This was great! The soundtrack was fantastic and I really enjoyed the surrealism and how it factored into gameplay. The graphics and feel were refreshing and I loved that the game actually required a fair amount of skill. Also, the concept is just haunting; yes!

I couldn't figure out how to move from the start. Are there key presses I'm missing?