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It would basically be picrew, but not in japanese

Yes, you read the title correctly. A tool that lets people make character creators, like Picrew. At least I think that's what Picrew is, since I can't understand the site. Is there an audience for this?

Thanks for the answer!

I have uploaded windows, mac, and linux versions of the character creator. Sorry it took a while to get to it.

I'm trying to upload my game via butler and it's stuck at 15%. But it was 16% first? Why is my progress going down? Also I get  a network error.

I tried using the program, but it didn't preserve the lineart. Also, Godot, the program I'm using, has no way to export SVG files. I'm afraid this one is a bust.

Okay, I'll see about it!

I'm afraid that's not possible since the original files are png files not svg files.

Would it possible to upload a x1 original size version of the sprites?

Your art is really good! You should be looking for payment!



nice game! I think some enemies might be a little too hard

cool game! I would suggest that you move the camera a bit down though


Sure! So at the start of every wave, I call a function that checks for dialogue. Then it waits for the player to complete the dialogue. After that, it spawns a wave.

yeah I tried, but the phone throw is pathetically short

Okay I don't know why but I can't get past the title screen :(

i got stuck between two yellow things lol

> can you make it before it rings out

i could not lol

but good job regardless!

really like this game! it's polished!

cool game but not sure how it relates to the theme

well, at least you tried~


I'm not sure how to earn money? Maybe I'm playing the game wrong.

I do like how unique this game is but it's hard to navigate when you don't know which spot on the map is where you came from.

Honestly I have no clue what's going on but i appreciate the character creator

i have no clue what's going on here but i think that's the point lol

cute game! jumping is bit janky though

this game is really cute but the two shifts at once was too complicated for me

windows version closes right away when i try to open it and i got stuck on the phone screen in the web version

there is way too much going on here lol

unfortunately i can't play the game since it opens too big and i can't find a way to change the size

nice game for your first entry!

alright thanks

game looks cool but it got so laggy it was unplayable. maybe it's just my computer

I think the game is too big? I only see part of the screen.

I like the puzzles in this game!

i have no clue what just happened in the intro but it looks cool lol