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Thanks much for playing and taking the time to leave such good feedback! We really underestimated the number of people using compact keyboards and will definitely probably revisit the keyboard controls if we do anything further with this! 

Golly this is just perfect. Great puzzle design, great art and audio choices.  Congrats on submitting this! 

Not sure how this fits the theme particularly but it's deliciously juicy and fun to play. Well done.

Well done! Very cute and interesting idea to trade score for extra shots. Would love some audio feedbacks but nice submission.

Saw the title and had to play it. Didn't disappoint! Super cute pixel art and a fun concept. Think the sound design could use some work though; the feedbacks are a bit grating and who doesn't want to make spider sandwiches with some music. Great overall though, well done. 

I loved this. Great sound design and presentation overall. Seconding the other comments about the closeness of the camera and the (currently) frustrating restart late level but those are all easily addressed if you take it forward. And you should! Thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Nice entry! Lot of potential if you take it forward! Could use some tunes and perhaps a revisit of some of the audio feedbacks. One of the sounds was just an assault with headphones on, lol, but easily fixed. Great work. 

Quite a learning curve on the controls but once you get the feel for it they're pretty good! Enjoyed the unique aesthetic as well. Good entry! 

Oh my gosh this is clever. I really hope you'll polish this up into a full release! One of my favorite ideas I've played this jam. Wow! 

This is quite fun! While I agree this fits the theme in that the playable characters are *interdependent* I do think the visual line between the characters is unnecessary since they don't, in play, feel particularly chained together. Really solid entry though, well done! 

Ah this is quite good puzzling.  It looks like you submitted it quite a bit before the deadline; the playfeel would be hugely improved by some sound and feedbacks so maybe next time you could use the additional time for some juicy juice! Great submission though. 

Oh, well done! This is tremendously fun to play and well presented. With a little polish this'd be a proper saleable game. 

This is a lot of fun to play, wow! That one sequence of 3 records is some real Getting Over it energy though. lol. Chill sound design made it even more fun to keep playing I think. Nicely done!

Very cute jellies, gosh! Would love to play it with some sound and feedbacks added!

Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to leave thoughtful feedback ^^

There's a few mechanically similar games in this year's jam but this is a fav in terms of presentation. The art and music just sells it so well. Great submission. 

I love this. I played it for *quite awhile*. Please revisit and polish it into a full game! 

This is quite tough to master but really fun to play. With some juicier feedbacks and just a little work on the gamefeel I could see myself playing a bunch of something like this, especially on mobile.


Love the concept and it's a pretty fun play. :D  Game over screen so sad tho ; ;

Great presentation; the look and sound is top notch for a 48 hr jam. Nice interpretation of the theme too! 

Beautiful! Took me awhile to get the hang of the controls but once you do they're quite good. I got a terrible ending so I guess I'll just have to play it more sometime! 

Stellar presentation! 

I love Jerry. I also love the idea and the execution is really cute, but I got super frustrated restarting from a checkpoint with no web fluid and having to replay everything. If the checkpoints reset your web fluid it'd be far more humane. But yeah. Anyway. I love Jerry. Nicely done.

I love the visuals and the sound design. The character art is superb. I hope you'll go on to revisit this and get around to your more goal-oriented vision for it! 

Relaxing and lovely aesthetic. Beautiful for a jam game. 

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lol. Fair! We actually had them working and then they broke in the build and we didn't have time to triage. They kind of wrecked our submission because I imagine everyone quits at the wires as they are. TBH if you made it up them 1/10 times you're some kind of god. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Cruel use of tank controls! XD But a good concept. Good job submitting it! 

This is hard! But the concept is good and with a little more forgiveness on instantly dying and having to retry a level it'd be a great play. 

I *love* this aesthetic! Had some minor issues with the monster parts displaying the wrong tooltip text and so I didn't really know what I was picking? but I loved this. More! Please!

I loooove this concept and was hooked upon seeing the slimes could merge to intercept stronger enemies. Please develop this further! 

Was terribly confused at first but eventually picked up what to do. Sometimes felt as is certain items of trash wouid *not* vacuum up though as my truck was running out of energy! Great job getting this submitted though.

Very cute and the sound design in particular stands out for a jam game! Well done. 

I'm so sad a bunch of people might overlook this one because of the simple presentation. It's incredibly fun and I think I put more actual playtime on it than any other jam game this year so far. Great puzzling and great submission. 

Player control feels good! 

Good concept (though I don't know how it fits the theme) and great visuals where there was time to dial them in! Music was also enjoyable! Player controller felt a little frustrating but I feel your pain there as we struggled with ours ^^

So good! Had a great time playing this one. Really great visuals. 

Smooth control,  nice presentation! Good job getting something so polished up! 

Lovely chill vibes. A nice break amid rating jam games! 

Incredibly polished and fun; I'm sort of shocked this doesn't have more ratings already!