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elven corpse

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As someone whose native language is Spanish and is currently learning German, I really enjoyed the concept of the game. It's easy to pick up and play and it has a cute story. I really liked the way collectibles work to translate sentences for a "price", and the art and animations are just adorable. <3 Sehr gute Arbeit! 

thank you for playing and giving feedback! we really appreciate it c:

this was really fun to play! loved the creativity put into the theme as well as the audio :D

I LOVED your take on the theme! Had a lot of fun playing <3

This was a very relaxing game and I was so invested into building my cute little town, that I got a little sad when it got destroyed :c Overall, I think the graphics looked fantastic, the voice acting was really good and the music was lovely. 

It's an interesting and cute take on the theme. The glowing effect and the music fit perfectly with the experience the game is offering.

You're right that it does feel a bit unfair. When the purple alien steals, let's say, your D key, and runs to the right, you can drag a key you're not using to the D box (let's say you dragged the S key to D box), now you can use S to move to the right and recover the stolen key. We forgot to explain this in the tutorial screen hehe... Still though, thank you so much for playing our game and giving us feedback! We appreciate it greatly <3

I noticed the game going a little slow when there were too many explosions going on.. I hope this helps, it's the only issue I could think of c:

The game is really fun and addictive! I really enjoyed playing it and trying to beat your high score (couldn't get past 2400 :p) 

Your game is so creative!! I loved the theme, the visuals, the music... Had so much fun playing it. Congrats <3

I loved the game so much!! the music and the art really fit each other, and having that many customizable options was a really nice touch. congratulations <3

I loved the music! very calm and chill <3