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really nice, keep it up!

I found my own game! XD

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pretty interesting, it's cool, took a minute to realise how to move the platforms but after that was easier!

great job, awesome game!

It's pretty nice, great work! :D

ikr, why every person on this planet is not playing it?... great question.

Strange, it should enable it, I added it to the Fantasy Dreamland World asset pack, just download it and it will be inside the Asset Packs folder! :D

I will contact! :D

Yes, I'm planning that. :D

Thank you, appreciate that! :D

Thanks! :D

Thank you, glad you liked it! :D

Thank you! :D

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The packs contain only the Wav files currently, I will add the ones you mentioned!
Yes, I will probably work with SFX and ME, but right now we are making some music packs! :D

Edit: .ogg and .mp3 files were included! :D

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Made in a collaboration between ElvGames and Pegonthetrack, this music asset pack brings high quality musics to your game!

Epic Medieval I

6 Epic Medieval musics for your game!
Epic Medieval - Clear Waters
Epic Medieval - End of the Road
Epic Medieval - Fortified
Epic Medieval - Sewage
Epic Medieval - Theme
Epic Medieval - War

Epic Medieval II

5 Epic Medieval musics for your game!
Epic Medieval - Valley Tribes
Epic Medieval - Fairy Forest
Epic Medieval - Endless Mountains
Epic Medieval - Memories
Epic Medieval - Warrior of the West
Every music is loop-able!

You are free to use on any kind of game project, personal or commercial.
You cannot resell or distribute this asset pack.
Credits to ElvGames & Pegonthetrack.

Yes, I'm going to make another world asset soon, I would recommend you to wait a bit and get the world then! :D

Thank you! :D

will fix it! thanks for reporting!

Can you say to me your @ on twitter then I follow back we can share messages! :D

Hey, that would be amazing, I could never get my head to understand how the A3 and A4 tiles actually works on RPG Maker, so I decided to add them into B,C,D...
I do have twitter if you could reach me there I can add them, btw, I'm still and will still work on Fantasy Dreamland, be sure to check once a month at least to get the updates! :D

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I just checked the package but, the tiles in question are on the asset pack, you just have to draw the 3rd grass on top of the 1st one and you will achieve what is above, example:

I'm not sure if you have the entire Rogue Adventure but the screenshots are made with the entire collection, these tiles can be found on the Wastelands Pack! :D

ikr hahahaha

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Yes these are for RPG Maker, the Unity ones are located on the right corner of the RGW_Overworld or you can use the RGW_Overworld_Brushes, they're set to 16x16! :D

Nope, they're not really part of any world yet, but I'm planning something alike.

Thank you, happy new year!

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no, it's not part of the Retro Game World, I added them recently to the bundle to give it as bonus!
I will add them as a bonus into the World asset so anyone who own it will get them! :D

Edit: It's there, just download and extract, have fun!

it is on a different style but it fits fine with Rogue or Fantasy assets, it would only look different if you would use the trees together since it's different style, everything else is fine.
nope, the water is not animated it's static, I'm not sure if I will animate it yet, but I really liked how they look static.

you're welcome! :D

It worked fine for me and I was searching this some time ago, I decided to purchase it since you have some really nice plugins for free, thanks for sharing them!

you're welcome! :D

Thanks! (answer after 4 months lol)

I won't implement it into the current generator, but I'm currently working on a faceset generator, meanwhile I'm making faces for every character currently available on Fantasy Dreamland! :D

these looks really nice, thanks for sharing it!

my inner game developer keeps telling me to make action rpgs and seeing your assets makes me want to actually make!
cannot wait to see when this is all complete!

amazing work, keep it up!

Thanks! :D

I think that depends on the engine you use, I use Game Maker for these, I make a dark surface to create the lights with white globes.

Great work on the new page, I like the new logo design!