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Hello weilhalt, could you  tell me which engine you are using? so I can add these tiles if they are missing.
In case you are using Unity or GameMaker, you can use the tiles as 8x8 to achieve that, too. :)

Hello, in that case you would be redistributing the assets for free, which is against the terms I have, so I cannot allow you to use on that, I do believe that you can find some free assets that you could use for it.

Yes, if you received the Farming Game World on the mega bundle, you will get it as an update. I'll add it this weekend along with all the other updates. :)

Hello, sure you can use them on a commercial game, but what is a "foundry vtt module"?
I tried to search, but I couldn't grasp what it is...

The enemies are part of Rogue Adventure World, but you can get them on single packs here.

Hello Fred, I've added the palette on the tileset, near the background tile on the tileset file.

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Hello, I usually make my own color palette, sometimes I take references out of lospec.

Hello, sadly I don't remember as it's been years since I lastly used rpg maker mv...

Hello Deazel, I will be adding some coins and similar items to every tileset this upcoming week. I was initially focused on creating a greater variety of tilesets.

Hello, I'm not sure where to find the plugin but I do believe there is plugins that allow more animations to characters , you want to make the walking sprites for RPG Maker?

Hello, right now I'm not making any sale with all of my assets, currently the mega bundle contains all Rogue Adventure + Kingdom Explore and Platformer Series + a lot of other stuff such as Enemies, SFX, VFX, UI, Tools...

Hello, there is sprites for RPG Maker MV/MZ and ACE on the pack, simple copy and paste it on your project to use. :)

Hello, thanks for reporting that, I just found out that the 16x16 water tiles was not on the pack, I have included them now. ;)

Hello, You can get it by downloading the Fantasy Dreamland World pack.

Hello, do you have a screenshot of what you are trying to do? I don't think that the water animated tile will work as 8x8 tiles.

Hello Zephry, sorry I have been really busy and haven't touched the map tool for a while, on the last update I had to change how the map was draw and for that reason it wasn't working with the old save files, that shouldn't happen on a next version.

Hello Deazel, yes, I will be releasing more tilesets and also objects/props for platformers, I will write on the page description the animations. :)

Hello, thanks for reporting that, I added these tiles, the 3 tiles bridge and more fences, it's all located on a new image as Extras.

Thank you for reporting, I fixed it! :)

Hello, what do you mean?
If you got this pack, just download the ZIP file and everything is inside.

Hello, I use a FX effect on the atlantis with GameMaker, the rain effect is done with particles, one particle fall and when this particle dies, she spawn at random other particles.

Thank you! :D

Hello, it depends. If you plan to sell the course and use my assets as resources for the course, that's not ok. However, if your course consists only of videos, and you won't be sharing the resources, that's ok.

It's okay to sell a commercial game that includes my assets, but you cannot resell the assets as they are.

Hello, you have to choose RPG Maker version.

Hello, I'm currently working on it! :D

Hello, the tile size is 16x16, you could scale it to 64x64 if that's what you mean, now if your tiles are 64x64 with high details, it probably won't fit together.

Hello Mindcrime, the different is on the drawing style, if you have the Fantasy Dreamland World pack, you get everything and every new Fantasy Dreamland pack released.

Hello, I don't have a worldmap tileset, but I have a tool to create worldmap, you can find it here, thanks!

Thanks for reporting it, I will take a look into it!

Thank you!

Hello, yes, the map is created into a .PNG file, you could use it as a parallax map image or as show picture event, I would recommend use it as parallax and put your events on top, it's easier.

Me too, it was my inspiration and I love it! :D

Hello, depends on what you got on the promotion, if it included Fantasy Dreamland, you can download the zip folder on Fantasy Dreamland page.

Itch Creator's Day Mega Asset Bundle!

Get 150+ game assets on a mega bundle during this Creator's Day!
This sale will be available only for the next 24h!

Mega Bundle content:

  • 150+ Asset Packs!
  • Tilesets!
  • Characters!
  • Enemies!
  • Icons!
  • Tools!
  • Sound Effects!
  • Animations!
  • Musics!
  • Everything you need to create multiple games!
  • 50% Discount on every asset!
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You can find it here!

Hello, no problem, if you need any of the sprites whenever I update it, just download the zip folder instead. :)

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SCI-FI Music Volume 1

We decided to try out something new! In this pack, you'll find five sci-fi/space style tracks, varying in intensity and atmosphere. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know your thoughts!


  • Warp Engaged (2:09)
  • Meteor Field (2:08)
  • Stellar Havoc (2:11)
  • Hyperspace Drift (2:00)
  • Starstream (2:15)
  • All tracks are loopable or have loopable versions included!

You can find it here!

Hello, these monsters are not part of Fantasy Dreamland, it's currently on the Mega Bundle sale with Fantasy Dreamland, the Mega Bundle sale changes every month including different world pack + extra packs.

Hello Kenf, if you have Fantasy Dreamland, the updates are released and can be downloaded on the Fantasy Dreamland World page, inside the zip file you can find them.

Hello, if you got Fantasy Dreamland on the Mega Bundle, you can download these here.

Today, I'm working on the projects right now! :D