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Now time to listen relaxing royalty free music! Relaxing spring music, Spring Optimism, is an instrumental guitar electronic track with best combination of melodies and harmonies. Let the spring begin!

Thank you for all of the feedback! I think that zoomed out view can be fixed. I myself have 1920-1080 resolution and I did not realize that so many other machines might have a smaller resolution. The spike traps can be placed by pressing let mouse key and space at the same time, but I might need to either change or explain it better in the game. Thank you for the let's play!

Hi HawkZombie, thanks for the feedback!

Spike trap can be set with this: once you got the spike selected, press down constantly with left mouse key at the position you want to set the trap at. Then while pressing left mouse key down, press SPACE at one of those three tiles in which those traps can be placed. In that first section where Spikes had to be placed on the road where those mannequins walk, there are only three tiles where that is possible.

I am sad to see that being unable to save was the case. For some reason as I developed the game a bug of saving game came into action and this it gives an error if you try using F12. I simply cannot tell why that is, I did use the basic MV save system without any plugin going against it. Unfortunately I could not remove that in time as it came to be within last day. If you don't save or reload, it should work without a hitch.

Hopefully this helps. Making the system from the ground-up was a challenge and is definitely going to be made smoother as the time goes on. Whatever happens in the competition, I am going to develop and release this fully. 

Demo Discussion behind the game, how it was made.

Ah ok! ;) Then no problem. The game you made is interesting BTW. Good use of those resources!

Thank you Digiflower for checking this one out! I think that is a very good suggestion. There is a lot I need to handle with control scheme. I will put effort on that going future

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Shouldn't you credit this guy on this page who made the resources you use? All characters, tilesets and pictures you use are made by this artist.

It was a pleasure to work on this demo for 30 days. It was an interesting experience to make RPG Maker into something completely different. Whatever happens in the competition, I will make sure to finish the project, add better visuals and release it. 

Wow, this really impressed! You have put a lot of effort into the artwork style!

Soundtrack for Don't Loot Back Demo is released!

9 Tracks made by Elias Luukkanen

Wonder what happens to those NPC's that are looted by hero parties? Wonder no longer!

Life is not easy for an NPC minding his own quiet family life. In a moment´s notice, raiding party of heroes can barge into your home, pilfer and purloin your life-long savings and children´s college-funds. Not even the most remote locales are safe from their indifferent wantonness and craven ways.

I will be posting all new updates, concept discussions videos and game information in here. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on the game.

Thank you for the broad well-rounded  feedback and testing the game out!

Hi Veteran Newb, thank you for taking a look of this!

This project gave me a lot of insight how to make rpg maker plugin to do completely different things that it is originally planned for. Whatever happens, I will be releasing this in some way or form. 

Thank you for checking this game out! Feel free to share any thoughts you have here in comments or at our discord group =

SCP-049 Plague Doctor song with scary halloween atmosphere! Inspired by world of SCP Foundation and games like SCP Containment Breach.

As halloween draws near, I present you a SCP Containment Breach , fitting survival horror music we made in one of the previous composing streams on this channel. Its a creepy halloween song for Plague Doctor, SCP 049. This characters is familiar face from medieval times to current day and age. Plague Doctors used to spread plague all around and thus they were feared. SCP 049 is no different. You bet dark omnious music starts playing when he is around! Dark ambience music makes you terrified of this SCP monster!

How Arriving to the new land would have felt? This inspirational and atmospheric music tells you how!

Imagine being on a ship, arriving first time to a brand new world. It has been far from adventurous atmosphere, as travelling by boat was not that luxurious. You have been anxiously waiting for even the first moment of seeing the new land, and now finally the realization kicks in; your ship has sailed, and joy fills your heart for the anticipation. This Inspirational Discovery Music describes how those explorers back in the day when reaching shores of America, felt. Discovery music is instrumental and very stubtle, as not so peaceful travelling made you unsure would you ever reach shores of the new land. Travel to a new world with relaxing exploration music guiding your way, as your stress is relieved. Time to travel to the new land with american exploration music! Be like Christopher Columbus discovering America!

Exploration music with instrumental background!  Travel to To The New Land and listen inspiring music for exploration!

Welcome to brand new journey to yet unexplored world! You are emong the first ever to see the shores of a new continent! Exploration, discoveries, new environments… This album has it all! Welcome to see the new world yourself by listening this album and  listening all songs and original music yourself. Imagine yourself from old world as an american explorer discovering new world!

To The New Land is inspired by American explorers like Christopher Columbus, who ventured far over the ocean to find their new home. This beautiful journey would change the course of the world forever! First it starts small, but later grows into an epic tune! Old and new world combines and exploration music brings hope and inspires imagination. This track could be in world of Dungeons and Dragons, RPG adventure or even in real world!

That moment in afternoon when drinking coffee... This royalty free music is about that!

Drinking coffee is relaxing and makes your afternoon's more enjoyable. Relaxing music for stress relief with best coffee shop music you can find! I myself hardly drink coffee, but thats the vibe I get from many people who do. You can just sit back, go to local coffee shop, read a newspaper and let your mind go wild with ideas and relax after hard work.

This instrumental background song has completely made with human voice, just edited in post production. Rythm, humming, synth feeling melody have originally just been spoken by a human being. I think using instruments originating from singing gave this song very relaxed atmosphere! Gentle vocals bring you into the atmosphere of afternoon! Just perfect for coffee shop atmosphere!

Cool work pat! You work in any projects at the moment?

Cannot really help in that. The problem is that there are just too many games like that. Do you remember anything else?

I can relate. Finding old games, especially indie games is truly hard.

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If you are looking for music for your games, you have came to the right place


To this topic, there will be posted free music made by myself. I create music in daily basis, and I have a YouTube channel where I upload free music every week. Music in any genre imaginable and all the tracks are 100% original and is handcrafted to be used right away.

I am looking to make a simple way for creators to have quality royalty free soundtrack on their hands.

YouTube Channel Link Here:


Latest Video!


NOTE: that there are some paid tracks among the free ones and you have an option to purchase free ones to show some support if you wish, but it is 100% optional.


How to Download Royalty Free Songs?

  1. Go to my Website and check there out your favourite tune
  2. Press either to download the song for a free mp3 or pay to get any other file format
  3. There is a "credits" box, copy that to your game or media and you can now use the song for free.
  4. Tadaa! You are ready to use the Royalty Free Music File! It is that simple!


Fully Free Album, check it out!


Check out all the music collections and download content which you would like to use, some of them are constantly updated

More information about me:


Easy Crediting Template!

Put this to game credits, video descriptions or to somewhere in your product where you use the music.


"-song name-"
Elias Luukkanen
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href=""></a>"><a href="</a>"></a></a>"><a href="<a href="</a>"></a></a>"><a href="</a></a>"></a></a></a>"><a href="<a href="<a href="</a>"></a></a>"><a href="</a></a>"></a></a></a>"><a href="<a href="</a></a>"></a></a></a>"><a href="</a></a></a>"></a></a></a></a>


 :kaomad3:Related image

:kaoswt: IMPORTANT!

Look at descriptions of each song and put my name at credits accordingly.

FREE Creative Commons license only applies for works properly credited!


Hi people,

my name is eluukkanen! I'm composer and a music journalist (this site) who just happened to become more active participant here in as it seems quite facinating little corner of the internet

Could someone more experienced or into the community give a tip from where to start? I am a composer who is having video game making as a hobby. I have checked out Game Jams and those seem to be an interesting way for people to get together and make games. But is there some sort of special way for how newcommers begin here?

Hi there everybody!

Let me briefly introduce myself! I'm Elias Luukkanen from Finland and I compose music as my profession. I especially work for video games and animations. If you are interested, check out some works of mine at my website:

I have heard about for a long time, but never really came here before. But now I decided to come in and meet game creators, gamers and more

Looking forward to discuss and perhaps collaborate! :)