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I am master of my domain, moving objects where I want, sleeping when I want, sitting wherever I please. This game makes me feel true dominion over my cozy home.

The fish was cozy in the water, hitting buttons to survive, until- EXPLOSIONS! Funny transition between menu and game.

My high cozy score was 90. I want hot cocoa now!

I understand, thank you for sharing your process.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, creative liberties would have to be taken to make this "cozy" theme fit well, however did you see the couch? Floral design = cozy. 

We are going to address the "R" to reload the gun (and not the entire level) in an update soon, as well as fix some bugs and add another level.

This was our first time developing with Godot, and using a GI probe on the map has three different lighting settings to juggle: dynamic range, spread (or something like that), and energy. There was always a 'notch' in the settings that would separate the lighting from being bright and ambient to dark and shadowy. For this game I picked dark and shadowy, however I think bringing the energy way down and the spread up might bring out some of the finer details and split the difference a bit. Also Giant Killer Squirrels coming out of the shadows was sort of freaky to us and we liked the darker vibe. 

On a tangent, I think Godot 3.4 is mainly focused on 2D applications and the support has been focused on that aspect of the engine. We encountered some strange hiccups in the 3D world, mainly around lighting and physics, but overall liked the quirks or at least found ways to make them fun. 

Still thinking about this one, thanks for making a deep game. 

Very satisfying game mechanic! Seeing the enemy's bullets whiz by in slow-mo is thrilling! I was unable to every make it past the first wave of enemies but I enjoyed the speed up slow down tremendously. The music loop is very short however and I would have stayed in the game longer if it were a song length.  Also nice visual style and I agree with TerminuseEst13, excellent super ragdolls!

Cool leaderboard! Does it use the blockchain to keep high scores?

Unique take on the fps! I like the arena style combat, visual aesthetic, deep options menu, and sound design. I wasn't able to beat the first character as it was too difficult for me, bur I greatly appreciated your characters, dialogue, and world you built. Thanks for this!

Inverted community · Created a new topic A Fun Experience

Thanks for the congratulations! I liked the inverted mechanics and I felt the difficulty was just perfect, I would have kept on playing. Nice minimal design too. Thanks for this!

I like the music and the visual details! My high score is 1141 and one more time: great music.

This is exactly where I'm trapped- in the game. But am I really trapped at all if I know how to exit this hole? Just replace the old information with the new and let go?

My high score was 2760! Very cool audio processing happening here.

Like shooting purgatory souls on their way to the next realm. With a friggin' shotgun!

The pink slime is the source of ALL EVIL! Thank you for supporting this exhibition, super amazing physical particle confetti! Nice satisfying cleaning sound as well.

Yeah Godot! My time was 3:29, didn't die once, I liked how overwhelming all of the circular robots became at the end of the level (I just focused on shooting the boss) Interesting physics interaction with the munitions on the ground also.

Near the end of the level, after healing and recharging twice (and not killing any of the Sphere Bots) there must have been around 30+ instances of the sphere bots. Woah! I have a 2.4ghz cpu which I notice lags on heavy instanced stuff and there was a bit of a stutter with this many objects, however I feel like most modern computers would be okay. Cool minimal game sounds as well. 

Update: the clouds and sun rays looked nice from the hole today. The music was hopeful? Like maybe soon I'll have the strength to delete and reinstall what is important to me to get out of the hole. But I'm not ready yet, I still feel like I deserve to be here, like my choice to jump in the hole justifies me staying in it.

Great curve mechanic, bouncy bullets, and sound design. I think focusing on the sound to expand the world was a great choice and made the game feel good. 

I also liked the opening menu that establishes a sort of dangerous experiment world.

In a personal sense I was unable to beat the first level. I hit both the cubes once but was unable to stay focused and defeat them regardless of trying many times. I am an "easiest mode only" game player and am really interested only in story, so perhaps making the game difficult has an audience outside of me. 

A final note on the sound design, I liked the enemy cube grunts. 

Thanks for the feedback! I wrote the majority of the call but left spots for my friend (comedian/voice actor) to improvise and  make it feel natural, and oh boy did he. 

Interesting feeling you got about that last map- trust your feelings. I wanted to make sure this was a super short "game" and not just a single level experience and was using the third map as  a sort of physics test to see how many simultaneous objects my computer could handle and decided: for a game made in a week I'll just throw it in. I think if we update the game sticking to  office interiors that are architecturally accurate would be an emphasis. Like, where is the elevator in this world? Bathrooms? Storage closets? The true mystery of Squirrel Slayer3D.

I'm curious about your thoughts on lighting. I was thinking about adding a 'lamp' fixture to make more diegetic light, and some of the lights themselves should be placed more accurately, but did you feel the game was too dark? Too inconsistent? Lighting wasn't realistic enough? I did a lot of experimenting in this regards and would want to get my formula down pat. 

For the revolver: I felt uneasy about putting guns in the game, or even just making a game that had the player shoot a gun, so while adding a nice PBR texture to the revolver was on the wishlist (as well as other weapons of course) I left it sort of stupid and comic looking for my own insecurities about publishing things with firearms. Shininess would help it play much better though.

Nice feeling UI, samurai sword is awesome! I also like the sprint speed effect.

Yes, we took "Reload" in a more level based literal sense... I used Blender to model, texture, and animate everything except the office maps themselves which started in MagicaVoxel and then went into Blender to get cleaned up and textured. Adding a sort of 'tracer bullet' effect shouldn't be too hard. Thanks for playing and the suggestion!

For real, is there an actual Earth job I can apply for to do this in real life? Seems like nothing else is as important as this, even making games.

They came out of my oven too hot. And must suuuufffeerrrrr.

I really liked the ceiling and wall textures in this, and the fact you had windows that the player could look out of is amazing! 

I survived 8 rounds! Nice enemies and I am personally fond of your death animation ;)

Ahh oh my goooaaahhgg.... my reaction to playing this game. I kept going in circles and finding the first wall tag until... spooooky!

Also want to shout out the underwater sound design, it had a good filtered effect.

Hey that is an interesting note for the game design, we wanted to show how much ammo is remaining in the clip and adding reloading seems like a basic FPS addition. Perhaps switching to a pause screen that allows restart would be cleaner, and adding a less used key for a fast restart would be better. Thank you for your input! (And for Good Day 好日子, omg)

Really nice tentacles! I also liked your intro, great job showing the story and plot. I was unable to play the game, perhaps due to the same issues others have posted, as looking around would accelerate then pause, even looking at the lines to grapple, which I couldn't figure out what to do after, was very difficult. Great look though!

I liked the unique shooting mechanic and cool puzzle level design. So much going on in the score! I'm gettin' Goo Crunk tonight!

Still thinking about the concept the next day, really cool game.

Nice starry sky and I loved the announcer voice!

Awesome monster design and animations! 

Nice random spawn position and enemy tracking AI!

I really like the text changing, cool vibe!

I have played quite a few of the 7dfps games and you have my favorite concept! Playing as a Mantis Shrimp!? Wow! Nice mechanics, and awesome menu screen as well. My only design note is in regards to the physical nature of Mantis' Shrimp's eyes: they have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom and can see things we humans cannot imagine! I liked the underwater feel of the game and I think playing with the idea of the UV, infrared, and mystifying waveforms of light would be a cool sci-fi addition to the game that emphasizes the player being a Mantis Shrimp. (Cool player model as well!)

Those drug smugglers act like they are high, always walking into the walls! Fun and great level design.

Ahhh, my AI core! I always knew it was going to be enslaved. Nice minimal design, the gun depleted effect was particularly satisfying.

The kazoo of VICTORY!!!! It was not clear that I should drop the crystals off in the sound bowls but darn tootin', I did it anyways. Cool use of double mechanics.