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Had lots of fun messing around with this, beautifully polished game! :D

Oh shit 50+, you beat my 38, I’m pretty sure you’re the overall record holder now!

Only fitting that it’s someone who made another birb flock game :P

Thanks for the comment! <3

Beautiful adaptive music, exactly what I wanted to do for mine but I wasn’t too familiar with it yet, so just went for the long-ass loop approach.

Really satisfying to join with other birds, between that and constantly wanting to hear the next music layer I couldn’t stop playing.

The cardboad cutout art assets look really cute as well!

Simple, short and sweet :)

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I was actually messing around with the lighting hours before the deadline, and was very close to making it come from a very different angle, now I’m glad I didn’t! What a nice unintentional design idea :D

Thanks! It was a very smart feature that we intended from the very beginning, I’m glad our big brains are being appreciated :)

Thank you for the feedback! We had some issues with an artist disappearing on us at the start of the jam, so we had to cut back on our scope a bit, but everything you mentioned would definitely be on the to-do list had we had more time :D

Tysm!! <3 Yeah we were in a mad dash at the end to try and fix it, but something about the web version just didn’t want to play right. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Ha, maybe it’s not as original as I thought :D Your take on it is great, we seem to have gone in very different directions with the same base idea.

I didn’t do the coding, but the birds used a boid algorithm! There’s a really great video about it.

Thank you so much!!

I’m glad you had fun :D

Thanks for the kind words! <3

Thank you so much! I had a blast making the track.

My personal high score is 38, which I believe is the highest between the team on this build of the game :)