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I've tried running  both the .exe file itself and the folder with all the data of the game in WPE; all it returns is an error. :/

On an unrelated note, have you set a Discord up for yourself? I think it would be a really neat idea to have a space for fans to interact and talk to each other about your projects, as well as a place to post updates on your new patreon-exclusive and non-patreon-exclusive works. If not, I would really recommend doing so.

Sorry for such a late reply, I don't use, and I only actually made the account to post my first comment to you. Oh well. If you are entertained by the idea of an Oxopotion discord, then please do add me at nibby#5534


- Ellise.


I recently downloaded the Steam app "Wallpaper Engine" and it got me thinking about a possible little interactive Abby wallpaper. I'll assume from now you know what that is, but if you don't then I'd be happy to buy it from you.

I don't know how coding works. Or creating anything in general. But I was wondering how possible it would be for you to consider having a little interactive Abby desktop wallpaper. I'd assume it would be either a sort of dress-up (similar to the Abby customisation screen) or the first half of the base game (with the stock Abby [or maybe little customisation] and the "poking" part) all available on your desktop.

This is just an inkling of an idea, but I'd love to hear back from you. I know you're busy developing and working on other projects like Flip Book or Fuu Garden. Thanks!

Sidenote: Are the graphics the only difference in the HD version of Poke Abby or is there more content? Thanks.