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Have any questions post here

You can take a look here:

The jam lasts one month so plenty of time to create an awesome game!


- Really cool sound effects

- Grenade indicator

- Cool reload animation

- Nice special effects


- Maybe recoil 

- Add crosshair

- Some indication you are taking damage beside health decrease

- Sound effects when reloading

No I spend my time creating my own work and 4 hours a day making my commercial release not taking others work and reselling it :)

I also dont want to see people spend money on something they could get just as easily do for free

it is expcept I create my assets myself :)

You literally reselling guns from a generator anyone can make for free and then they can take it into software and export at there preferred resolution

they are all from a pixel art gun generator if your gonna resell someone elses work at least credit

I started making games in april 2020 when i got my first pc i discovered in july made an account in september and released my first game i made by myself in October

Thanks difficulty and artwork are being addressed in the full version of the game

Cool but maybe add keyboard support?

Thanks those are some good ideas i for sure will add more asteroid types there are only 3 at the minute

Thanks for playing yeah iam going to address some issues with the trail :)

wow that was really cool

Thanks appreciate it :)

Thanks those are some good ideas also that score is really good!. I think coin collectables would be a really good idea thanks for your feedback.

Thanks those are some good ideas I appreciate you playing the game

Video made on moonshot plan

sent friend request on discord also thanks!

Hi if you dont mind at some point when you can i have another game you might like if you want? 

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Thanks for the review I really appreciate it! Your feedback was really useful!

Thanks for playing really glad you like it!

Yeah thanks for playing those are some good ideas appreciate it :)

Awesome it looks really good!

Also you never downloaded the game


Shadow Boy is a fun platformer where you must help your character complete 5 fun levels with different enemies to dodge as well as wall jumping.

I created the game in 12 hours as practise for when i participate in shorter game jams than over a week. I used the 0x72 industrial set to help me get used to making games in such a short amount of time.

Awesome  I appreciate it thanks for the response

Thanks will take a look when iam not busy looks good still

Thanks for playing

Is this the devlog section because it happened to me but i just made a new devlog instead of that one and it fixed it

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Does anybody know any youtubers or streamers that i can send the link of my game too? Iam not sure if this is the right place to post but i will anyway.  Iam looking for youtbers or streamers that play small indie games

Cool game really like the graphics

Hi you tried out my game gravity swap i made a new game robo runner in 4 days i would appreciate it if you took a look. Thanks in advance. 

Thanks for the feedback i appreciate it will update soon with fixes and your ideas!

Hi i have made a new game i would appreciate you taking a look at:
Thanks in advance


Your robot friend is stuck. Help him reach the portal whilst avoiding spikes and other robots out to kill you. There are 10 levels to try can you help him escape them all?

There are many innovative mechanics such as wall jumping and a variety of different enemies. 


Use A and D to move or arrow keys and space bar to jump.

This game was created in 4 days feedback would be appreciated and your ideas could be seen in future updates.