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Thank you! Yeah, we were really pushing for that replayability :D 

We explored doing that, but then the screen became kind of dull, and slightly easier, as there's less distractions :P

Is a great, clever, little game though  :)

Was a surprise to hear voice acting! Was pretty fun to play, though way too short! Was hoping for a little more challenge, but given it was the first couple levels, the difficult was still probably increase :)

Cool little runner! Enjoyed playing, and liked that it allowed me to jump straight back in, if I lost. The changing between wave and particle was great too! Very hard to play, but given the idea is to see how far you can get, makes a lot of sense! The level generation was good in my eyes- any parts which seem impossible, the wave form seemed perfect for. Great job!

Is an interesting game, and cool that you did it last minute. Thought it was quiet creative though; well done!

Is missing a significant polish though, and as there are only two levels, took away a bit of the fun. I think it may have been more fun if the players couldn't touch the walls, as found I could force my way to end pretty easily.

I like the idea that you have to use various states to complete each level. The difficult does seem to increase at a good rate, though playing multiple seesions really isn't an option, as is the same each time. Was tricky getting used to swapping between states too, so may have been worth further testing with other controls, or reducing the number of possible states? Otherwise, the animations were cool, and I was impressed you did it all by yourself!

As a side note, I had trouble starting to play, as I didn't realise it meant press 'Z' to start - I pressed '2', and tried 'S', and then tried just clicking around; got it eventually, but was kinda frustrating.

Cool game! I liked that it uses the theme, and is quite creative. I felt it was missing some fun, and polish though, as had some issues with performance, where it would stutter, when there was a lot on screen. Wasn't heaps replayable, so took away from the fun a bit? Great job for 72 hours though!

Really glad you liked it! Well done, three is a good number! 😃