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this is super interesting, a tower defence with only one enemy. I love the theme and aesthetic, I'm kinda a hyper person and wish it was a bit faster though. This is really amazing and great work! I hope you get recognized!

I love the visuals (especially froggies), was totally expecting 2d but the perspective and playing with camera with the explosion made this really fun and nice to look at. So many nice touches with particle effects and like a surprising amount of polish for time limit. Also love the concept ( and the reference :D) Great work! and best of luck WispyMouse

golly gee i am really bad at this. But I like the direction you took with this concept where you only get 1 movement option at a time and have to work around it platforming which makes traversal almost more puzzle like or thoughtful than how I might dash and jump as much as possible. It is frustrating but in a way with more polish and visuals I could see myself play this definitely and I hop for it's originality you show up in the video. Great work!

I love love love this concept of only one scene and the stage play aesthetic. It is cute and fits the prompt perfect. Great work! 

I really enjoyed this and even think this could have potential to expand if you are feeling passionate. I'm a sucker for hook mechanics and going through this temple solo where you feel like a partner should be with you is oddly spooky and I think works really well. Perhaps you partner was with you but they didn't survive the fall and you've got to lug them around ala Swiss Army Man. Thank you for making a great game Steeley and goodluck in the Jam!