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Ellen Cunningham

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This is a truly unique project. There is such an original tone to the whole thing. Nostalgic, melancholic, goofy and plain weird. I loved it! 

This is a great game! The audio and visuals add so much. Must have a been a lot of work to put together. I feel so much for Miriam (does that make me a bad person?). Either way I got away with it! 

What a wonderfully poetic experience! A tough game. I don't know if I will ever beat it. I just love moving through this world and soaking up the prose!

Self care magic always works! ✨ Thanks for playing. :D

Thank you so much for playing! Only the essentials are provided. ;) 

Really love the idea behind this. Presenting the work of others and transforming your experience of the works of others into your own work. Pretty, weird and pretty weird. Really great. 

I love this! The visuals are unique. The interactions are interesting. Its sweet, personal and feels like a big story at the same time. The ending is so strong! 

This is great! Lovely looking game, interesting choices, personal story, meaningful themes and healthy representations. Love it! 

Aw. Thank you for playing my game! 

Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Lovely! So cute and sweet and I can fly! 10/10. 

Very good! Creepy, interesting, beautiful. 

Love the art


Thanks so much for the feedback and for playing! :-D I'll look into the sensitivity issue.