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I tried all the fixes I found in page 2 (What the pinned message from you guys said to do) and none of them worked. Could I just have a refund? Cos I'd like to put this money somewhere else instead of wait for a CHANCE that someone might find a fix to this exact problem that only I'm having at least right now.

Could you please link me some of those posts in the forum? Because I've been searching for 2 hours and I've found posts for those problems, but no answers to how to fix it. I don't even know if the fix they used will work in my case, but I'd like to try.

I'm really confused, for some reason whenever I load up SS3 I notice that it should first take you to an intro cutscene but my screen is completely black. The reason I notice this is because I can skip it. But I don't see any cutscene or anything. Then when I load up Story Mode I can see the first frame of the first cutscene, but it's just frozen, spamming space makes "skip" appear but doesn't do anything. What do I do? I'm on Windows 10, AMD CPU and GPU.