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I cant get past the gravity section the grabbing in that area is bunk

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I speedrun:

404s 56mls

Actually there is, I use my switch pro controller all the time.

1. Log in to steam

2. Click add game. And add the browser you use to play FNF as a game (Google)

3. Go in big picture (the little stretch icon in the top right corner)

4. Go to Settings > Controller Settings > then turn on "Xbox Configuration Support"

5. Go back to Settings then go to "Controller Configurations" then plug in your xbox controller and hold sync until it glows

6. Now go to big picture configuration

7. Make LB minus and make RB plus and make Y up arrow, make X left arrow, make A down arrow, make B right arrow, and make LT and RT the enter key

8. Go back to the big picture home page using your mouse, click the power icon in the top right corner then click minimize big picture

9. Go to library, then, enter the game you added in step 2/google, search up friday night funkin and click the first link and BAM you can now play with the controller settings you made.

I hope I helped!