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I haven't managed to beat the boss fight yet, but this is a really fun game!

I didn't play this game on MacOS, but I just downloaded the Mac release, and I can't find the secret files either. Assuming they're in there *somewhere*, they're easier to find in the Windows and Linux releases, so you could try downloading one of those.

(You don't need to run the game on Windows or Linux to get the secret files, and they're the exact same regardless of which game release you download.)

That was it, thank you!

Fun game by the way :-)

I'm stuck on the objective "Confront Professor Marty on the bridge". I've already gotten access to the bridge, but when I go there it's empty and, as far as I can tell, I can only examine the key card reader and the door.

I checked the walkthrough, and it suggests there should be a robot looking for a dance battle. I've already done the dance lesson in the holodeck, and I'm pretty sure I've done everything else in the walkthrough up to this point. I may have missed some of the minor things (like examining an object that gives you points for doing so, but doesn't do anything else to progress the story.)

So, are there any other prerequisites to the dance battle, besides having done the lesson and getting access to the bridge?

I recently finished playing this game on 64-bit Linux, and it worked! If you have the files downloaded and extracted already, you can launch 'Secret Little Haven.x86_64' to run the game.

I've heard some people have had trouble with this, so you may need to manually mark the file as executable. Open a terminal in the directory where you extracted the game, and run the command:

chmod +x 'Secret Little Haven.x86_64'


If you bought the game as part of a bundle and need help *downloading* it: go to and click on the bundle. Then enter "secret little haven" in the box that says "Search by title", click "Download" next to the game, and choose the Linux version.

There's a discussion thread on Steam with some hints on what to do, if you're still stuck after a while:

If "network.http.referer.spoofSource" is set to "true" in Firefox's about:config page, this will cause the same problem. Toggling it to "false" will stop the sitelock from activating on