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I'm happy you're waiting for my games, Autumn Story is going to be a big thing, but for now I'm still learning, a demo for another game is coming soon.

I'm looking to support Gamejolt, too.

This game is good, the movement, the explosions, and the hitboxes feel great.  I liked the parallax scrolling, it really effects the immersion, and the game manages to fell great even without screenshake.

I think the player should meet the first boss earlier, I was almost to quit, thimking the enemy waves would just restart. I also noticed that staying on the bottom center with the green 3-projectiles kills most of the enemies before they can hit you.

Overall, I think this game woyld be better on mobile phones instead than PCs, but it's still good on PC ;)

P.S. The high score doesn't save when you quit. 

The concept is great. But it's hard to understad what you have to do at first, maybe a little cutscene could help a new player to understand what to do.

P.S. I think the alarm should be bigger.

Gorgeus pixel art, addicting gameplay, cute characters and great upgrade, definetly a labor of love! I'm looking foward for the final game.

This game has a really good level dwesign, but there are a few problems with the character itself:

1- The lack of momentum makes the more difficult platforming sections a bit more frustrating (also, why doesn't the jetpack respawn when you die?)

2- All the enemies can be defeated the same way (The triangle doesn't look like somebody to jump on the head)

3- The hitboxes should be fixed, it's difficult to jump on a small enemy sometimes

Overall, this game is really fun  and being able to play it on the get go is really good, keep making!

Beautiful game, the powerup design is brilliant, but the endings are a little unclever.  : )