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Electric Eyebat™

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To Pixel Cookie:

Be less rude please. We agree with you that it isn't the best but it is our *first game* afterall. Better games are coming in the future. This game was more of a test assignment made by one guy.

Created a new topic A Thank You

Thanks for all of your submissions to our Game Jam! We graciously thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts! Your games look great and play well and we wish all of you good luck in this Game Jam!

Our game that we submitted is a short and simple game. It is a space shooter where you play as one of our mascots and blast eyebats to protect the galaxy. You win the short game by grabbing a purple gem.

Be sure to submit your game before the due date so that people can vote on your project!

If you can't submit before the due date then you cannot win the jam!

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Update 6: Updated the entire Game Jam with our new look.

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Update 5: Added a link to the legal info page to the game jam front page for easy accessibility.

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Update 4: Added Legal info to the forums. Added information on the prize to the main page of the game jam.

Created a new topic Legal Info
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Main Legal info

Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ and it's affiliates are not responsible for what participants and/or users of itch.io make or distribute or enter in this game jam. By entering this game jam, you are choosing to participate and you acknowledge that you must contribute to the game jam. Participation in this game jam but not entering a game will not allow your game to be voted on or chosen.

You acknoledge that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ owns the rights to the Anti Eye-Craft™ series and all respective trademarks therein. You, the user/participant hold the rights to use and distribute your own game. Other participants' games belong to them and are their own respective property. You can not copy, remake, re-engineer, deconstruct, or steal any of their characters or respective trademarks.

Participants understand and acknoledge that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ is in no way responsible for other participants actions or discriminations.

By entering the game jam, you (the participant) promise to adhere to the rules and guidelines found in the rules section is the forums of this game jam. You hereby promise to produce a game that will not intentionally interfer with another user/participants device(s) and you acknowledge that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ takes no responsibility for any damages incurred by the download of other users/participants games or software.

This is a living document and may be updated and/or changed through the time period of this game jam. You, the user/participant are binded to the rules led by this game jam.

This is a living document and may be updated at any time without prior notice to the participants of this game jam.

The prize

The prize that goes to the winner of this game jam is a free game download key. The game that this key is for is The Beast Moon Series™: Dominus Version or The Beast Moon Series™: Dea Version. These games are currently in production and the winner of the game jam will not recieve their prize until development of these games are finished. If in the case that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ is unable to give out the prize then the winner acknowledges that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ is no longer required to give out that prize. The winner understands that if the prize cannot be given then it may or may not ever be given. If in the case that Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ cannot provide a prize then Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ may send an email to the winner as a personal apology from the CEO of Anti Eye Craft Gaming™. Something may be able to be worked out at a later date.

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Update 3: We have joined the jam and will be contributing Anti Eye Craft™ (original) if it allows.

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Update 2: We redesigned the Game Jam page.

Created a new topic Rules

There are very few rules to this game jam but you must follow the below rules or you may be disqualified from this game jam.

Rules and guidelines to follow:

  • Game must be appropriate
  • Game must not contain curse words
  • Game cannot contain racism, sexism, facism, etc.
  • Games entered cannot contain nudity unless it is a part of the background, stage or architecture of the game.
  • Partial nudity is okay as long as the character(s) parts are covered and that this isn't to make the game more popular.
  • The last rule is to HAVE FUN!

Be sure to follow the rules or you will be disqualified!

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Update 1: Details have been added to the game jam page.

Created a new topic Talk about your entries here!

This is where you and other people can talk about your entries if you like.

Created a new topic Updates

This will be where we'll post updates on the game jam!

Created a new topic Questions?

Do you have any questions about our game jam or something else?

Ask us here!

Created a new topic NOTICE

The game jam has been cancelled because no entries were made by anyone. We deeply apologize.

Next time we hope that people who participate will actually put in entries on time.

We will have a new game jam sometime next year and it will be longer than this one was.

Again, we deeply apologize to those who have entered and had planned to place an entry.


James Fuller, CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy.

Hello there! We are Storm Harted Academy. We have made games for over 3 years but we only recently joined Itchio. All of our games were made using Game Maker Studio 1. Our original name was Jelly Devil Gaming but we changed it because our mascot's name is Storm Hart.

This was a secret side project that James made for Halloween!

I really want to create a separate version of one of my games that will have a different main character. I want the game to be given to those with a key. How can I go about doing that?

Be sure to post and vote games so that we can try out the winning one!

We can't wait to see what you'll throw at us!

If you have any ideas such as more levels or characters then please tell us!

Candle Glare is a young witch who's house gets controlled by a strange presence! Now Candle has to solve puzzles and survive to see the strange presence who took over her house! This game will be released in October so stay tuned!


Grab your board in our second FREE game, Sk8r Trix! Play as 3 different characters and take a short ride through the city! I've heard that there is even a SECRET fourth character and a secret area!
Please play one of my games on my page! I have a prototype space shooter game and a simple skateboarding game. I'd like you to play 'Sk8r Trix Game' because I'm a new indie dev and I'd like to get noticed for my work. Oh, and another thing, MY GAMES ARE FREE!

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