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fun stuff

stunning work, from the writing to the visual

I loved it, what a nice way to start the year


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Aah, I really loved the game. Some spoilers down below.

The sanity system was really cool, I like to play games blind so I didn't read a lot of the intro her, and when stuff started to get inconsistent in my second run it was a nice surprise, there are so many details that make all so mysterious and creepy.

The lore and wordbuilding was great! Like, in the library even the books that didn't advance the plot were really interesting and give lots of context to thing that happened at other points of the game, specially the nightmares, and give the game a really cool consistent history. Loved the all the weird myths and the fact that you really don't know how many of them area real until they bite you in the face. Like, Mr Sproingy, that's fucked up. 

Oh and the characters! I really liked them, Trixie was surely my favorite thing about the game and I would kill a dude for her tbh, no hesitation. Gregg was great too, I found really cool what's under that hyper cute exterior, their storyline was my favorite, so fucked up, like, poor Trixie not only have to deal with one ancient horror, but TWO completely unrelated ancient horrors.

Anyways, I really liked the game and I'll be playing the next one soon. Is funny how I was going to start this comment with "I don't have much to say but..." and ended up writing like 200 words.

oh wow, such a nice game! 

Nice game!