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No se terminó, lo publicaremos en los próximos días!

Muchísimas gracias! Nos alegramos de que te haya gustado. Nos puedes apoyar con un rating (el símbolo arriba a la derecha de la pantalla con una estrellita!)

Ten un buen día (/0.0)/

I'll take a look now that I have some time.

Thanks a lot!!!! Love ya <3

Felicidades por el juego.


It only cancels your combo when it no longer meet the requirements! If you select something like red-circle-1 + red-circle-4 in colors, and then the roulette changes to shapes (or colors again), it won't cancel.

It's up to you if you want to take the risk to make a bigger combo!

Hey, one of the devs here!

We are glad you enjoyed it, we are enjoying a little holiday, but we will come back and fix all of those things (and add tons of new content) on the following updates! 


Thanks! We are glad that you have enjoyed it! More stuff is coming up in the future. Regarding the control, it is the best way that we have thinked of playing Magical Prisma. it allows the player to select and destroy pieces just with just the thumb, in the menus it had to stay like that for consistency, but we are working on making it more intuitive.

Best regards - Lead developer of Magical Prisma

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One of the developers of Magical Prisma here! 

Thank you so much for the review, it is the first one that we have seen and it has made us really happy. Magical Prisma is an open beta, because there are a lot of changes and new features coming up really really soon to the game (multiple stages, animated characters, huge improvements in gameplay, online mode...) that we hope, will make it even better and more enjoyable for the future release.

Best regards - Lead developer of Magical Prisma.

Funciona ya bien?

Cuándo le vais a meter el nuevo circuito?, que ya estoy muy avanzado