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I love this game! Really like graphics and audio effects. I just would change the decreasing health bar makes really hard to avoid losing the game when the canary is near a pocket of gas...change this and it's absolutely a great game!

Sooo cool! Love it!

That's a genius idea, no more words needed.

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oh thank you very much! That means a lot for me!

I'm following your suggestion and I'm adding an interactive tutorial! Thank you!

Ahahahahahah maybe both😂😂😂

If you have an idea of how to change controls let me know! I'm continuing the development of this game adding some suggested features. For example I'm adding an interactive tutorial. Then I'm going to change some gameplay features...adding effects, particle system...and of course new levels with a better graphic!

Thank you very much for your comment and your suggestions! I know that it may be a little bit hard to understand the gameplay in the beginning...I also tried to make an interactive tutorial, but it would have taken too much time...thank you anyway!

Maybe you'd better upload also the .exe file!

Yep exactly. That was the problem. I just wrote something

Thank you very very much! Maybe I had to write more infos about how it was the gameplay, I'm sorry😥

yep, a little bit😕

No I didn't, but just because I was going to try every game published. So I couldn't play a lot each one. But I promise that I will finish your game because I really enjoyed it!

Cool art, maybe too much for a browser game!

Cool idea!

Very cool game and Idea!

Cool concept idea!

Cool! Maybe I would have used another sprite for "enemies"

Cool Idea!

I really really liked it! I loved the art!


Very cool!

The idea is cool, but there are some bugs in controls I think...

I can't move players :/

I like the idea!

Very Cool! Great Idea to make it an escape room game!


Cool Idea!

Very Cool Game! I Love the music and Gameplay!

Frustrating images, frustrating getting frustrating...the perfect combination that perfectly fits the theme!

Thanks!!! I really appreciate!

Do it in next days!

Love it! Cool Idea and cool gameplay!

I have just uploaded the right files... thank you again!

Cool but maybe it would have been better if you upload the file to run on pc. It's a little laggy

Awesome music, awesome game! I really enjoied the graphics!

I love the jump sound effect and also the idea is preatty cool, not to simple at all, it is also challenging

Cool but I think that you could have done some things differently to improve it! For example instead of just an increasing number, it would be better something like a percentage or a sliding bar

Love it! So Hilarious!