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I'm looking forward to more!


:/ I liked this game a lot

LMAO good game!

I've been sent to heaven! tysm!

TYSM for this game! <3



well I liked the bad endings! GOOD GAME


I was confused at first, but then I realised what this game was really about after the comments made by the (presumably male) interviewer. This is a really important game, thank you!

Poor girl and poor cat. :(

Good game, is it possible for something to be light-hearted but kinda scary at the same time? Just a question, is Jill going to be back or is she just a one-time occurence? Just curious since Tyrone came back and it seems it won't be the last time he will! Thanks for the game!

love love LOVE this! Can't wait for the full game!

I enjoyed the game, the glitching parts and the part where Adrian  killed the ghost were so cool.

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Good game, relatable.

Good game, ignore the haters. Loved the ending, leaves much to the imagination lol.

This game was really great, I got the true ending on the first try and I'm really glad I did! This story can actually be really sweet. Thank you!

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I killed Rory instead since he had been experimenting on me and because he told me I had to go back to the train at the end but instead of being free the person letting me go said I killed an innocent person and his partner said I had to go back. 

I've tried killing a couple of characters, including an innocent person that I did not suspect at all: killed Ocean, killed Rory, killed creepy girl who said she wanted me to suffer but got the same (similar?) endings.

I'll try again. My next choices are: Tall Guy at the entrance to the chapel since he's the only person that wanted me there that's still around, the Chinese guy whose name is "???" (or Beck?), I'll try Rory's partner and I'll also try the people who seemed to know more than the others about me even though I think they are innocent (except for Tall Guy and Rory's partner, they are suspicious).

omg...I killed the Mayor since he was the most suspicious one(?) was that the right choice, are there any right choices? are there multiple endings, do you have a walkthrough? 

I'll be thinking about this game for a long time.