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Hi , in fact, we don't have problems with the payment. And if we have a bug i can't solve it because the payment system i don't control, this thinks control "itch". If you have a problem you can talk with "itch" support.

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Actually it is not bug.  It is only subject line of the game 

If you have any question you can ask me on Instagram

yeap of course 

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Hi. Of course, i can help you. You can write to me on telegram or Instagram.

Telegram: @Silverhand11666

Instagram: adalat_556

Hi. Can I ask a question? How did you make the voices in the video   "OtherSoul Official Teaser Trailer"? The sound is amazing. And can you share this information with me? 


salam . siz azerbaycanlisiz???

thank you . We hope you enjoy own game 

thank you for your vidio 

you welcome

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A horror game. Nice atmosphere and good graphics. The game will scare you to the shivers. Full HD graphics.

The plot of the game: the Wilson family is killed. You must find the killer and understand what is happening here ...

We recommend that you put on headphones before playing in order to feel the atmospheric air. Good luck to you.