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Everything Is Rad (EIR213)

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Go use ruffle and open this: CandyBarAdventure.swf

me too i hope its on flash point

more specifically html

(Traduzido do inglês/Translated from English) OK. Eu uso o Ubuntu embora.

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Ok, thanks. By the way, how do I log into

You could run it on Wine, I think Wine is also on MacOS

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Super cool. Runs flawlessly on Wine (GNU/Linux - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). Also, COOL GRAPHICS!!!

(by the way im using windows again because that computer just kept glitchin)

My wifi is trash one time it took like 10 hours to install a windows 8.1 iso

oh I would download it if my wifi would not take hours downloading a 3 gb file

why is it almost as big as windows vista and ubuntu

i give up. here's my scratch profile

i can code in scratch. so what's your scratch?

nope we could make a game about ai and crts

yea why?

How did this win however Baldi got 2nd place. Baldi was very popular in 2018. #2022

-wha? yesterday it was black

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what happened to your profile pic?

VR robot game

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Make more games like this because i'm using your profile pic as a mousepad

Whats wrong?



...Wait? He's... here?

Are you a professional game devloper?

Imagine Megalovania MIDI from an ancient MIDI website playing in the backgroud of a game maker 2.0 game lol!

HAHA it's a never ending loading screen. Is this a joke? hhahhahahhah

"Did someone say catfish?

Yeah that's me!"

George Mason, 2019

This is a very weird & unrealistic game. Concrete like statue stone disintergrates in space and it does not glow. UNREAL PERSON.

JustDavi's profile picture

THAT can be a game. YOU can be a game or a part of my games! Just email me and I can make you a game! (I did a URL for security reasons because I don't want to expose my email in front of thousands of internet people) Do you want me to make a game? Send me any comments, and/or email me.


, this is a great game and a masterpiece! Love this!

I clicked on this because your profile pic is SOOOOOO nice. I mean- 

(This is a reuploading effort.)

Status Released
Platforms WindowsScratch
Original user Gamer00 Station Portable
Release date (At least what I could find)  Sep 14, 2017
Uploader GBR213
Genre Adventure
Tags 2D
License Unlicensed
Asset license Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average session About a half-hour
Languages English
Inputs KeyboardMouse
Multiplayer Local multiplayer
Player count 1 - 2

Welcome to New Classic Super Mario World HD (for the original fans)

(FROM SCRATCH) -7000+ Views and round 300+ favs and 300+ luvs and over 39+ remixes, THX SO MUCH!

-Controls are in the settings in the menu

-to start a level, you press space

-Every level is possible

>Game Performance with unknown replacement for Adobe


NOTE: I converted it from Scratch to EXE, thus some lagging and stuff are going to happen, as the full Scratch game engine is imported in the game.

To load the game, open nw.exe.

I am angry. Why does your game have a similar aspect to my game?