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Thank you for clarification on the units. I am importing the data to Unity for further generation into 3D content.

Would be nice to have more data in the JSON file, like voronoi cell boundaries and maybe a cell content type, so that for example wards and different building types can be distinguished from each other. It's also missing some features like piers and those town square "wells".

Maybe some proprietary JSON or XML formatted export file would be better, so you wouldn't have to conform to the rigidity of the GeoJSON format. But this is probably what you are doing as you were talking about metric units.

Thank you for creating this great generator, I'll be waiting for future updates.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but the coordinates in GeoJSON are
x = longitude in degrees
y = latitude in degrees

I'm not sure I understand the units the "values" use. Like for example : 
"roadWidth": 0.00007207207207207208

What is that value in reference to? Is it longitude or latitude?