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Thanks for trying it! I agree it takes a bit too much time to get a hang of it, glad you enjoyed it!

Nice Game & Concept! I like how the game lies to you.

Yeah, I agree. Glad you enjoyed it though!


Thanks for playing it! I'm considering adding more stuff to it post-jam, but i'll have to see how that'll work.

Nice, thanks for playing!

I agree that that is mostly the weak spot of the game, I plan to add a better tutorial post-jam. Thanks for playing!

What  the hell. This is very confusing, but so hilarious. The songs were great and the concept random. (also, poor little guy in the grocery machine that i totally didnt buy). I got both "endings" now and am very happy to have played it for some reason.

I never actually looked at gwent. My exposure to (digital) card games in general is quite limited. But I think you just made me check it out :D thanks again for playing.

Thanks for playing! I'm a bit suprised myself (this is my first game jam), but it's also built it on my own monogame-like framework with some nice tools, so to be fair I never had any bugs that took me more than a few minutes to fix and was pretty familiar with everything and was also in the zone most of the time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Feels nice to play, jumping is really nice and the introduction is well done. The game turns into too much of a memorisation game at some point though, and my memory isnt the best, especially when all the spikes are so close together i find it hard to remember anything, so i had to trial and error some parts.

This is a really fun and just nice game. I like that you can progress either way and the kind of puzzle that is saving the people. Pretty nice.

The concept was very nice and fitting and I enjoyed art and music. The battles could get a bit long though and i honestly mostly just chose  the most passive attack all the time. The writing made up for that in a way, just because it was very interesting and humorous (actually the whole game is and i like it). Overall nice job!

You can try mine if you'd like to. It's a small card game.... lol

Here's mine if you want:

Here's my game, thanks and have fun! My quick attempt at a card game. Have fun :)

Happy birthday! Here's my game if you want to try it:

Epic card game expert. Thanks for playing! Even though the rules are quite different from hearthstone, I wondered if people could use their intuition to quickly get used to this one... seems to have worked.

Yeah, I agree that it's hard to get into. I plan to do some general improvements such as an interactive tutorial and whatever I find interest in. Thank you!


Thanks for playing! Yeah, i guess it kind of is a broader interpretation of the theme. Initially, the idea came from "playing weak cards against strong cards" just being a failure of a move in many card games, so in this game, most cards can progress the game while having relatively simple and consistent rules (But I don't expect anyone to get this of course since the finished game doesnt really show where it came from).


Thanks a lot. I completely agree with your critique too, i'll probably add an interactive tutorial post-jam, just didn't have time for it. Currently there is definetly some focused rule reading and a bit of trial and error involved.

Nice game. Visually interesting and a pretty unique execution of this relatively common concept of making the game possible by using your remains. Nice

The art and sound look fine. It would have been nice to have the controls for the character displayed when respawning as them instead of the one menu entry. The character movement was ok overall, but the platforming felt a bit wanky or the levels a bit weird at times.

This is a really good game, although it took me quite a while to beat. Why do you do this to me, Greg? Why do you like whatever crap I say? Anyways, it's amazing how many reaction images there are! The idea also fits the theme super well. Good job

Really interesting concept. It can be a bit tedious at times, to get exactly the constallation you need, and there's the usual physics jank of course, but all in all, something i haven't seen yet

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Very interesting game! Movements, looks unique, is nice and it has a nice twist fitting the theme. Only thing i kind of missed were WASD controls, since you'd have to reach all the way across the keyboard to press "r", if you, like me, use your left hand even for the arrow keys because of practise.

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Thanks for trying. An interactive tutorial sadly didn't fit the time constaint. The text on the game page & in-game tutorial text try to help you understand and introduce it, but of course that won't always work. As can be seen on the tutorial screen, the numbers below the COM and YOU names are the players "hp", referred to as "energy", and the green indicates whose turn it is. I hope this somewhat helped you.

I'll probably do a post-jam version which adresses this and have a proper interactive tutorial.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for giving it a try! I agree that i can be hard to get into, sadly I didn't have time to make a proper interactive tutorial. I should definetly put that in post-jam.
Naturally you need a few rounds of experience to grasp some proper feel for strategy, so while it wasn't decidedly intentional (and there should be a nicer tutorial at some point), i guess this aspect is part of the theme in some way. Initially, the idea came from "playing weak cards against strong cards" just being a failure of a move in many card games, so in this game, most cards can progress the game while having relatively simple and consistent rules (But I don't expect anyone to get this of course since the finished game doesnt really show where it came from). Hope that gives you some insight.

Thanks a lot for sharing your detailed insight! A fully interactive tutorial was too much for the deadline, but if i pick this up a again, i'd really like a fully interactive tutorial. Right now the basic "try it" for the controls is the best there is. An enemy card counter is definetly also a nice idea. Thanks.


Thanks a lot! I used Aseprite for graphics, Audacity for Audio and the rest is coded in my own monogame-like game framework using the "beef" programming language. Quite unusual, but yeah... was nice.

This is such an overlooked game. It's really nice to see how you gradually explore this world and figure out the right order of things to give away. Solid game!

Unfortunatly can't play it. The exe says it's missing  the .pck file. You should probably bundle both the exe and pck file in a zip archive and upload that as one download next time.

I don't know what i played, i don't want  to know. Interesting to say the least.

Due to the timing and having to reset the whole level if you fail with the last mouse, its a bit tedious at times, but the style of the game and its gradual tutorial as well as graphics and the general mechanis are really great.

This is a really interesting game. Definetly worth playing