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Einar Odinn Holm

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cool game!

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Addictive Endless Flier skill avoid

this game costs only $1.25


thanks for the feedback ive added some more difficulty and a new char

Hi Please check out my new game Ninja Master

Here is the website the game costs $4 only


Created a new topic not bad

pretty nice game add hiscore and sound is my suggestion :)

very nice game i would change the attack button to mouse key 1 and the jump button to W

Endless 2d Star Fighter

You have reached the enemy fleed
And You Engage to kill them all!

How Much Can You Score?

Battle system
2 kind of enemy ships
Hiscore Save
Each Level more enemys spawn
Competitive game play


Hi I was updated my game Cubie now the flight option comes from a powerup! :)


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Hi I just updated my game i made some time ago with new sfx, music and some gfx
This is a simple game but i kinda like it tell me what you think

Play Game

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my best score 9800 :)

its a nice concept the hero char could look better and its impossible for me to pass the 3 or 4 level


Created a new topic nice game

very nice game the resolution is kinda strange though had to zoom out alot to fit it in window

Thanks Mrpete!

Space Wars II
is a 2d Top-Down space shooter skill avoid
it is Free to Play

cool game!

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A 2d top-down fighter I did


very cool game!

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Very nice 3d game ive been looking into 3d with flash

thanks! glad you like it

my best so far 127 meters :)

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hehe ok cool mine is 333 :)
Edit: now it is 336

thank you! :)

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Hi I just updated my game Cubie some time ago

its a Platform Skill Avoid game

I added flying boxes :)

Let me know what you think

Ill think it adds alot to the game


cool game the lazer barrier is to fast though in my opinion

its a nice game invader like very polisehed and well written must have taken some time

itch.io community » General · Created a new topic Synticate

who remembers this awesome game from amiga
it had some bugs but was fun :)

Nice shooter good work on the AI

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thanks ill think about it :)

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Warlock Fury A 2d Fighter
please give me feedback on this game i made


nice game!

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yes thanks i just called it medieval war because of sword and shield thanks very much for playing!

26 thats alot :)

another flappy bird clone
4 was my hiscore

hehe this game is very similar to my game atrox 2 cool :)

np :) yes i fixed it a little

not bad for a simple game

not bad! :)

not bad game little hard :)