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Einar Odinn Holm

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itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Defender

Hi just released my Game Defender

Endless Vertical Space Shooter

You Play The Defender Who has to stand up and Defend his Kingdom against Alien Enemies. Each 5 sec Enemies spawn time is decreased and FireRate Gets Better Both For Player and Enemies

Random enemy spawn with lots of replay value
Highscore save
3 types of alien enemies
Defender Website

nice clone but its pretty easy  maby add a new enemy type

Posted in STRGZR comments

well its pretty easy maby  add more speed to the mines each sec

Endless Tank Battle

heavily influenced by Battle City

The Mission is to destroy all enemy tanks 
Score as high as you can

each Level Firerate gets better for player
Highscore save


Posted in Pong comments

nice game i would suggest adding more speed each sec it takes a little time to speed up

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Hi like the game very cool the random maps and gfx
I added a link to the game on my GameZone Website
best regards

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Hi my new game Moon Patrol is now available to play
its a Platform Jumper and is mobile friendly
Each sec speed is increased

Moon Patrol

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Hi I did this game some time ago
The Jump Of Cubie

Just Released my game Coin Collector II
its A endless platformer 

Coin Collector II Website

Shooting Arena
Top-down Multiplayer Battle Arena

come Battle and Chat with ppl

Shooting Arena Website

Created a new topic cool ideas
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if you have any cool idea to add to this game please post it it will maby be added to the game

Hi Just released my game Diamond Thief go check it out

its a top-down endless shooter with collect system

Diamond Thief Website

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Coin Collector - endless platformer game I was finishing let me know if you like it

Coin Collector Website

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Atrox 2

Hi a demo is now available for Atrox 2

A Challenging and addictive Endless vertical shooter

Each level more and more enemys spawn
Random enemy spawn with lots of replay value

Atrox 2 Website

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A Infinity top-down boat Battle Game I finished not so long ago

You have reached the Enemy fleet
And You engage to Destroy Them All!

Score as High as you Can! 

Challenging game play.
Each level More enemy ships spawn and Firerate gets better both for player and enemy ships.
Highscore save

Naval Battle Website

Hi I finished this game not so long ago

2d Magic Fighter

Wizard Attack Website

You Play The Role Of Master Wizard

You are ambushed by Some
Orcs Enemys

Defeat endless levels of enemys
Score as High as you can

Endless Levels
each level firerate and speed upgrades for player
Each level more and more orcs enemys spawn
highscore save

update on Wizard Attack

AOE spell added

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2d Magic Fighter Free to play Browser game

Please give me feedback on this game i did what could be better for example

You Play The Role Of 

Master Wizard

You are ambushed by Some Orcs Enemys

Defeat endless levels of enemys

Score as High as you can

Endless Levels
each level firerate and speed upgrades for player
Each level more and more orcs enemys spawn
highscore save

Wizard Attack Website

Created a new topic my best score
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my best score 42 :)

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Wall Pong
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Wall pong is a game i did some time ago
its a free to play!


2d top-down endless shooting RPG

Large Map to rescue team mates
3 enemy
Highscore save
Battle system


Replied to Anuke in Wobble comments

hehe ok i should have tryed that
very nice game!

Posted in Wobble comments

looks nice but for some reason i cant use arrow keys to shoot ?

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2d horizontal flight endless space shooter

I once played in a arcade a space shooter that was wide screen and i was trying to recreate that feeling

You Play A Skilled Space Pilot and You have reached
the Enemy Fleet, You Engage
To Destroy Them All!

Wide Screen 1300 px
each level more enemys spawn
Speed, Fire Rate and bulletspeed upgrade each level
Random enemy types
endless levels
High score save

Game WebSite
#games #Indiegame

cool game orirginal gfx

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A simple casual fighting RPG

Endless 2d top-down alien monsters killer 

You play the Alien Terminator Hack Alien monsters with your Axe

Score as High as you Can

Battle system
highscore save
each level more alien monsters spawn

Alien Encounter 2

A 2d top-down endless hack and slash RPG

You Play The Hero or Heroine You Are stuck on Planet Crueltopia  The Quest is to hunt down and kill every Creature On Map

Features: 2 Selectable Heros Male And Female  Upgrade system  Large map to explore  7 types of creatures to hunt down and kill  Battle System

please give me feedback on this game 

Glory Quest Website

itch.io community » General · Created a new topic fixed a bug

I noticed in my new game super commando that it lagged after playing for a while

then i found out while messing with the code that i forgot to set the timer on enemy bullet delete time

now it works like a charm

Super Commando

Defeat endless levels of enemy soldiers in this 360 degrees vertical runner army shooter

Hi a new game from me 

Super Commando

Endless Vertical flight 360° Space shooter

Eternal Battle Website

cool game!

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Addictive Endless Flier skill avoid

this game costs only $1.25


thanks for the feedback ive added some more difficulty and a new char

Hi Please check out my new game Ninja Master

Here is the website the game costs $4 only


Created a new topic not bad

pretty nice game add hiscore and sound is my suggestion :)

very nice game i would change the attack button to mouse key 1 and the jump button to W

Endless 2d Star Fighter

You have reached the enemy fleed
And You Engage to kill them all!

How Much Can You Score?

Battle system
2 kind of enemy ships
Hiscore Save
Each Level more enemys spawn
Competitive game play


Hi I was updated my game Cubie now the flight option comes from a powerup! :)