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haha I enjoyed this game so much lol, thank you and keep up the good work :) (spa)

I loved it! but it was hard for me to get eggs when maggie was crying all the time lol

This was a very nice game! a liitle short but nice, keep up the good work! (spanish commentary)

I really enjoyed the game!, the story & gameplay were great, keep up the good work! :) (spa comentary)

This game was really awesome I loved it so much, keep up the great work!.

I loved it!

It was great, I really like your games! Keep it up :) 

Muy bueno!

I almost died haha I loved the game, great screamers :)

I loved this game! keep it up! :3

Pretty hilarious game! I loved it :3

I loved the game!keep it up :)

Very short and enjoyable experience!

loved it :3

Awesome! keep it up :)

Yep! I did not see any snakes :) 

I really enjoyed it!, keep up the great work :) 

Loved it! :)

Played the demo, had to play the full game! I really loved the game, it's super fun and scary, keep it up! 

It was great, keep it up :) 

This game is so terrifying and hard! loved it  :)

That was TERRIFYING!, Loved it! :)

Loved it! keep it up :) 

Very cool and challenging game!, keep it up :)

I really enjoyed the game! keep it up :) 

Super awesome! keep it up! :)

Super Awesome demo, keep it up! 

What an incredible and terrifying experience! 10/10

One of my favourites! what a great game, keep it up :)

The anxiety! I loved playing this game! :) 

I loved it, very scaryyy, keep it up :) 

Great puzzle game, I loved it, keep ip up! :)

I enjoyed it, keep it up! 


I REALLY enjoyed this game! keep it up!, here's my gameplay

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Great DEMO! very scary! 

Loved it, keep it up! :) 

Thank you for the Demo, keep up the good work! :)