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Share with me your discord and I will create a group. =)

I am looking for artist / designer / writter / composer to form a small team and create a visual novel around this jam.

I am really open to ideas. Feel free to contact me. Let's have fun =^_^=


You can make a game /=

Maybe make a game from a concept and make its sequels with the same story, character, concept but a different genre.

Keep it up!

I love that title. So true.


Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I have to say I over did the sound =/

I would also add Inkspape a free vector based Art creator.

Really eye catching!

Nice game. Too sad I defeated it by doing a double suicide into the spikes.

I liked the concept. Loved the art and sound. But it feels like a unfinished prototype.

Keep it up! =)

Cool little game. Unfortunately I played alone.

Loved. The fact that it has voice dubbing and different difficulties levels really adds to the experience.

Loved the sound and art. It's a lovely game.

Thank you for the feedback.


Yeah. the level design was a bit rushed and i am still figuring out how to make music myself. Thank you for your feedback :)

In this video the guy talks about this issue and how he tackled it:

Thank you for your feedback and time. I updated some aspects of the game and added more levels as well.

Probably unity editor uses this asset but not the platform you are trying to build.

Why does it need a reference to animations when it comes standart?

What errors do you get when removing that line?

I think it is just for bug fixes.

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I will add better models and sound if I have time. Thank's for checking it out.

Thank you. I can't believe i didn't notice that line after reading multiple times.

There is still 2 days left. Don't lose your hope!

Hello. Can I use the official Unity Post Processing Package in my project?

I love his name :}

Tested your prototype. It worked well. Keep it up.

It is to draw inspiration for a theme and setting in your game, if they expected that it wouldn't be 2 days with ms paint.

Search for Vincent van Gogh paintings on wikipedia, his life and the story behind the painting will give you some ideas.

Philip do you plan in hosting more jams using the limitations of old phones/consoles? That would be awesome!

Really Cool.

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I don't thing should be allowed. Since it has more "complex" features such as layers. Unless it is used to give transparency to ms paint images.


Any doubts just ask =)

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Programmed with C# in Unity