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That was a great experience :)

I loved it!


I don't have any problems with the game,

But the steam key, I didn't find it.

I checked at My Purchases and I have also clicked the Download button below the game, but no Steam Key.

I also checked the mail I've got when I bought the game, but no key.

AND when I downloaded the game, I also checked the folder if the key is in it, but no.

To be honest, It's OK, because I had a great time with Enypnion, so XD

Again, Love It!

It looks wonderful and mysterious.
I didn't have any bad experience in it.
I can recommend it to anyone,
Who likes point and click adventure games.
I wonder if this will have a full release...

It was good.
I like how cute is Loumis and the place itself.
But......INCORRECT WRITING (a lot)
The last 3 souls had the same speak with a LITTLE change.
3 vases -_-
I mean, there are a lot of items you can get for your children, boyfriend/girlfriend...
Maybe a necklace, glasses for the father...I don't know.
I liked it, but it needs a lot of fixing.

I have already did it :)

Now I've gotta be patient and see the result :/

Hi, Again!


There is a problem...

I just got COPYRIGHT CLAIM for that video.

The song, when 006 dreaming/has flashback about his past.


Youtube says, that the song is includes for this:



...or is it? O.O

(why youtube, you fckin dumbass X( )


So actually I have already played it out,

But I'm uploading it like this.

I loved it :)

There were some inscriptions, but it didn't break the experience for me.

I can recommend it to anyone, who likes 2D retro horror games

Like THIS!

Great Job! 5/5

I can't say any bad experience of it.
The music at the background......Loved It!
The style is also good.
I mean, weird, but in a good way.
I'm looking for more games like this!

Nice Job!

That was amazing! I love it!
I love the atmosphere and the style.
The puzzles weren't that hard,
But I needed time to figure them out.
Sometimes the game went frozen.
For me it didn't break the experience,
But it's definitely a problem.
A short, but great experience!


I'm sorry, but I can't recommend it to anyone :/

I liked the style and the atmosphere,

But NOT everything else.

I have tried to make a video of it,


I have tried some techniques to record it,

But every time when I check the video,

It's just white. The game is not in the video :(

The sounds and the music can be heard.

Still I liked it!

I can understand the situation of Clare :'/

Actually this was my very first time...
Playing an interactive poem.

Personally I'm VERY into this kind of stuff.
I LOVE the atmosphere.
The poem is also pretty good.
I'm looking for more games like that in the future.

I have to say, that I had a good time playing it.
It has this retro style that I always love.
It had some long cutscenes, which I don't really mind.
So overall I don't have any bad experiences of the game.
Maybe the voice acting for ME is a little lame...
...but whatever...

I think this game is good.
It spreads the creepy vibes pretty good.
I was hoping for some MUCH interesting mystery.
MAYBE I didn't really paying that much attention,
But that's just me, I guess...

Sooo...yeah XD
That was a weird experience.
I love the graphic/art style.
It's really quite. Sometimes I felt a little bit uncomfortable X(
The music compilation is good.
The controls for a short game like that is forgivable,
But if I had to play it for like an hour, then...I don't know :/
Maybe I'm just didn't used to it.
AND...The Message! I think I understand it.
This game is about this girl, who has been left by that guy...
This game has some artistic side, what I can't really understand...
But overall...
I Think That's A Pretty Damn Good Game!

Good Job!

I have to say, that I REALLY liked this game.
The minimal art style...
And the relaxing music in the background...
*good job claps everywhere*
It was a weird experience, but in a good way.
I have this question in my mind...
What is the actual message from that game?
Maybe I will never know, but maybe I already know the answer.
...I just have to look through my mind...


I think this is a OK game. I definitely like the art style.
Also this is a very short game as well,
But I think that the reason why it was worth to play it out,
Is because the message behind the game.
There are people who is just overreact to things.
Which I think is quite annoying, but that's just my thought.
There were some times, when the epigraph just went broken,
When I moved on to the next epigraph, buuut that's OK.

Good Job! 4/5