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Really chill music, Gets really hard as time goes on, Would like it if you could differentiate between the new spawners

Good amount of minigames, a bit too grindy though. Maybe increase the time you let players have to load in the chest minigame page first so that the initial slog to leveling isn't as painful. Also I'd reduce the load time on death, or let the player buy things while on death, advacing after it loads, because it removes something the player could be doing or looking at in the meantime. All in all, nicely done.

Wow This is really great, I like how it loads several different games and I think its a pretty good take on the theme! Excellent work!

(If you wanted to take it further I think it'd be neat if you made more little games that kept increasing in scale as it loaded, taking more time to load as it went on, possibly even including elements to speed up loading times (such as doing well in the minigames)

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying these out as an attempt to figure out some game design stuff, I'm reworking the way a lot of the game functions, and I'll fix those bugs you mentioned. Thanks for letting me know!

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I am also working on an entry. Trying to figure out some really dumb UE4 bugs when packaging builds, hopefully if I get everything squared away I'll be done thursday. Anyone notice the deadline got extended to monday?