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There is not currently a third option, that appears to be a bug, thanks for catching it. There USED to be one in the past but I thought that I removed it since I wasnt able to finish all the art and writing that was needed for that scene and it got a bit darker.

You're not doing anything wrong. thank you for the report.

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cheats are currently internal for tests, I’m open to suggestions for cheats to implement for people interested though (but only on my newer games)

Issue fixed! Somewhere along the line I accidentally messed up the connecting dialogue node, breaking it.

oh no! Thanks for reporting this, I’ll investigate the issue.

Okay! I fixed it and uploaded a new version. The idol is in an easier to reach spot and I have double checked to make sure it has the dialogue script associated with it so that you can get the dialogue option to interact with it. My apologies for this being broken as it was.

In response to your other comments, the game is intentionally as short as it was, the previous projects I've worked on took much longer to produce both in terms of writing and designing, this one took significantly less time, and is a remake of Lust Quest: Cannie in a better system with more programming options for me to add content.

Combat right now does not include any sort of leveling curve, this is both because I have not programmed it in yet and because I'm trying to decide the best way to approach leveling, the game is also short enough that it doesn't really need it.

I'm so happy you want more and that you find the quality to be a massive improvement!!! I was working really hard to make this game as polished as possible so that people would feel it to be a higher quality product. (though some bugs end up sneaking through sadly)

Once again I'm sincerely sorry that you were plagued by this issue and it didnt let you see the rest of the game. This should be properly addressed now, please let me know if it isnt. I also fixed an issue with resetting the game that caused Cannie's dialogue to break and included that in the update.

Thank you so much for taking the time to message about the issue and provide feedback.

that’s the one, I’ll put it in an easier to reach spot tomorrow

It’s on the floor near the masked figure fight. You have to look near some blocks on the ground

I'm realizing now I didnt reply to you earlier. Thank you for the reply and clarification!

Okay, so after tinkering with it for a few hours I found out the problem. It's super strange. This is an example of what I had before

In the "Let's Test" passage I had a single line of text, then at the end of that it would check to see if that value was true.
BUT what ended up happening is that it would just pick the first link in the chain as if it said true. Now I tried this with the <<!visited>> function too, and it caused the same response which nearly caused me to tear my hair out because I saw it work before. So I tried this:

The only difference being that I put no input text on the first passage. If there's no text then it will check the values first and function properly. But if there's ANY TEXT AT ALL in the passage it refuses to acknowledge it.

I have no idea if I ran into an extremely fringe bug or I coded something strangely to cause this to happen.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my head around how to do this.

From what you said, inside of the visualnovelexample you use the drawstring class to manage custom commands. I believe you are referring to the following:

You subscribe to that delegate event by using the drawstring.RunCommandEvent+=Runcommand; and it leads me to this line

By following that rabbit hole to the drawtring script I see an event called RunCommandEvent and underneath that the bool for Runcommand()

Unfortunately that bool only lets me run commands in the "Raw Text" portion of the fleece dialogue line editor. Trying to put it in the "Link Raw Text" portions when you have a branching choice causes the text to not be read or parsed properly.

So now, after reading through your message several times, I've tried instead to look through the parsers and figure out how to resolve it that way. I found the "FleeceDefaultParser" that comes included with fleece and the script associated with it and am now trying to figure out how to implement something the returns "true" or "false"

I made a function "isLeader" to check if you had an object or leader of a specific type in the leader slot of FleeceDefaultParser (this is in the parser.cs file)
It checks and in the inspector displays it as FALSE if the leader is not correct (as intended)

However, whenever I test this in the live game it completely disregards the "False" text and plays that line of dialogue that should have been rejected. I haven't done anything different than you have for the visited or !visited line. Using a debug string prints out False which means it should technically be rejecting it. But it does not. I tried deleting those passages and making new ones but it still is rejecting it.

I followed the same format you set up and tried to establish things to be as close to how you did it as possible but was wondering if there was something super obveous I was missing, or perhaps it's that I just dont have a good enough foundation to understand how to make these kinds of edits.

Thanks for your time.

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Hello again! My sincerest apologies for making another post so soon after the last one. 
I was browsing through the documentation and noticed that there was a feature for defining and checking the value of variables, I wanted to use this to similar effect of the <<!visited("passagename")>>, only by allowing it to gather data from a script and checking if an item or character was in an array.

I've been using the FleeceVisualNovelExample as a template for this so far and making my commands through the bool RunCommand()

However, when I tried to make something like <coin()> from the shop example, that would use commandInsertString to leave a "true" or "false" statement behind, thus allowing me to run a check for if player A had Item "the mcguffin", Then it would come up as true and the dialogue would progress as normal.

However when I did this, it turned out /ALL/ my results came back true. This is because I made it in a separate script, my own "VN" script, which is not the parser or default parser scripts and I'm not sure what I need to override so that I can make a function similar to those. Especially since the DefaultParser and Parser classes are inherited, so I can't just put one in the scene and give it a variable that lets it access my player stats script in the scene.

I'd like to know how to make something like <<Coin()>> or <<visited("nameOfPassage")>> in a separate script, like in the FleeceVisualNovelExample so that I can reference other public variables and not have to instantiate them at the beginning of dialogue. And then use these to allow or disallow players to see certain dialogue chains.

I'd appreciate any assistance in the matter, or to be pointed in the right direction on how to resolve this. Thanks.

That appears to have completely solved my problem, thanks! I was just hesitant to replace passages with the passageID because of this line on the documentation: "This is the passage id that this jumper will reference. It's recommended to set passage instead of id through code." But if I'm instead just giving it a null passage through the ID, the problem is resolved. Thanks again!

I'm nearly done setting this up to work properly in my game and this tool has helped me out immensely. Thank you for your prompt responses and assistance.

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Hello again. I've been working with your asset and ended up adding quite a few custom commands to the parser so that I need to jump into code and add stuff as little as possible.

Right now I've hit a snag and would like some assistance in attempting to figure it out:

What I've done is made a function that will replace a passage with another one, it searches through my story for passages, can successfully find one with a matching name, but then when it goes to the final step, which is replacing the passage on a character with a new one, it breaks.

I was trying to stress test this and tried a few things, first I set

Envmgr.Charactersinscene[i].Dialogue = null;

(Dialogue is just the name of the jumper variable)

And then kept the rest as is, I could clear the passage once, but then if I tried to set it to a new passage, it gives me an error and crashes my game client.

So I now have it instead of setting that jumper to null, it now sets it to clearJumper, which is a private variable that's just a jumper with nothing in it.

This let me set the jumper from something to clear to something to clear again, but when I tried to set it for the third time in a row, it crashes.

This is already better than before, but I wanted to know if there's a better way to set passages because for some reason it's saying that my jumper.passage doesn't exist and crashes, instead of just telling me that it's null.

Perhaps a way to, in code, create a new jumper and then set it to that new jumper

I also tried doing:

Jumper j;
and setting the jumper to j, but it tells me that it's the use of an unassigned local variable, so I got kinda stuck.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. Oh, and this is a VERY minor thing unrelated to the above, consider it a feature suggestion:

but it's a bit strange that every time you click outside of any text box or passage it just deselects the passage. I like to click on the titles to change them, but sometimes I click just 1/2 pixels too high or too low and it deselects it so I need to select it again, if there's a way to make it so when you are clicking on the inspector window either on the title or the raw text and have it so that it doesn't automatically deselect I'd appreciate it.

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Hello! I recently had this issue in the older version of Fleece, but I spent the majority of the day today updating it and making sure no features I had were broken.

After updating Fleece the issue still persisted, here's a screenshot showing the specific error:

Essentially, when I tried to add a jumper to a custom ScriptableObject that I could create and edit in the inspector it will clear itself upon resetting the unity client. It works normally if I run the editor window though.
The error flag pops up whenever I click on one of those windows and it's calling out Jumper.cs, line 180 as  causing the issue, that and UnityEditor.Undo:RecordObjects(Object[], String)

Letting me know that the "UndoObjects may not be null"

Not sure why this is happening and would appreciate some assistance in identifying the source of the bug. The asset is functioning perfectly otherwise, and I have a few alternative solutions to this that I could take, but would really rather have it be in the inspector because then I can do most of my character work there, rather than in the scene.

Thank you for your time


Unfortunately I am not interested in you hosting my game on another site at this time.

It appears you are not linking back to the original sites or accounts or authors pages on your site and are just hosting specific games there. I would rather you not host my game on a different portal if you are not linking back to the content creators page.

It appears that your account is fairly new, what is this site you are referring to?

Bug has been fixed, it turned out it was just loading the other enemy from the same zone's cut scene. It's good to go now.

There are 5 party members you can recruit and that have nsfw scenes. Yowie, Sasha, Mizu, Wicklow, and Cactmyn

There aren't current plans to let you rename the protagonist as they became more of a named character like  commander Shepard and adding it to this iteration would take reworking a lot of the dialogue.

(And we're making a spinoff novel of that character actually and what they were doing directly before the events of Lust Quest: Cannie)

However I'm looking into doing a project in the future where you do get to name the character but it's still in the conceptual phases.

I'm glad you enjoy the game! Originally I wanted you to be limited on your party size due to having some choices related to it in game, however that decision fell through when the dialogue and branching path system I was working on became too tedious. I've since reworked and made a new engine which I'm using to work on my next project though.

Unfortunately a mobile port is not something I'm planning on making in the near future unless my patreon does exceedingly well and that becomes a highly requested feature.  Thank you for asking though!

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll address this the next time I upload a public build.

If you download the app and navigate to this page you can download it. I couldn't find how to upload a downloadable version and have it be hosted on the web browser.

This was due to an error in uploading the new version, I fixed it a little after I noticed the issue. sorry about that!

The next update is including climaxed poses for enemies when they are defeated, hopefully you enjoy! I’m going to be releasing it on Monday of next week.

E621 doesent support html5, so I can’t upload it directly there :( once they allow html5 I would be more than happy to put it up on he site

Aww, thank you so much! I'll be releasing an update to this nearing the end of the week with some much requested added features.

You go to a campsite or rest point and click on the "level up" button on the interaction menu. Or you can go to a certain campsite and "level up" with Cannie!

I’m working on art for it, where are you hoping to see the nsfw? In the battles, in little dialogue cutscenes, in a seperate visual novel segment?

Cool concept, good aesthetic, I really enjoy what you did here and can see it having many more levels and becoming a strong puzzle game.

Cute concept! I loved the music, hearing that reminded me of old school racing games from the ps1 era, I thought the art was cute but the racing was a little strange as I didnt feel like I was properly speeding up and turning, the other racers just passed by me when I was trying to do a simple turn, but that's more likely on my end for not understanding the movement system enough.

Overall a pretty solid entry that gave me nostalgia for a style of games I havent seen in a good while.

I liked this concept quite a bit! Though I did frequently have issues with navigating the playing field, because the camera constantly changed focus towards the other mage I could never tell the actual direction I would go, and found my character just standing still even when I mashed a directional key at times. However others mentioned this previously.

I thought the concept of having a sexual battle was pretty cool, and the shielding/shooting mechanic was good. I could see this turning into a legend of grimrock styled adventure/puzzle game with boss fights at the end of puzzle rooms. As well as different abilities and combat styles evolving if this were to develop further.

Good job! I really enjoyed this game!

Cute concept! Would like to see more of this in the future as previously stated. I really enjoy the portraits for each of the different planned modes and interactions though! I think if you continue this in the future it'd end up being a really cute and lewd game I think many would enjoy.

This is a very tight and polished game, I feel like the platforming was very well done, the minigame was cute, and the concept, with a bit more polish, could make for a good arcade styled release on platforms like itch or steam. It doesent take the lewdness or horniness too far which i think works for the concept and overall feels cute to me. I think the one button slip recovery (or two, I managed to avoid most obstacles) works fine, but if it got any longer might get unwieldy without some kind of slowdown mechanic (like bullet time styled slowdown).

My only complaint would be to change up the icons used in the mini game section, for the icon where you have to tap a direction multiple times, I'd prefer it if it was like two arrows on top of each other or like a button mash icon with a finger pushing down on a button with a direction.

Overall I think this is a fantastic game with a lot of charm!

Interesting concept!

I like the idea of messing around with aliens in a way that to humans would be considered more SFW than NSFW (lack of genetalia and the only real indicator of arousal being the moans) I do think the sounds were a bit repetitive like how SmutWritingDragon mentioned previously though.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback, I super appreciate it! I've posted an updated version as a new game located at

(I changed the name so as to avoid conflicts with another nsfw game that I found out recently had the same name)

I fixed the DPS bug so it should stack everyone's damage properly now. I've also reduced the enemies health and increased the money you get from defeating enemies. I'm planning on working on the following next:

  • Making the horde menu pop from the side whenever you want to swap something in the wagon
  • (This will help unify the UI and hopefully clear up any confusion)
  • fix the prices of buying x amount of upgrades
  • Add more enemies and background images
  • Add popups when you mouse over upgrades (to indicate cost and flavor text)

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I like the concept for this game a lot! I found the art style to be very attractive as well.

My recommendation if you wish to go forward with the game would be to either add some form of abilities (like jumping over rocks once every 10/20 seconds) or different zones (say when you reach 2000) that, once you reach them, gives you a minor speed boost and changes the color pallet slightly (so instead of purples and greens, like blues and greens, slowly shifting until you reach the reds).

I think the art style fits the concept extremely well and would love to see more of that style in general. Thanks for making such a cute game and I hope you have a lovely day!

thanks for the in depth notes! It looks like it’s not properly adding the dps of allies each time they are added. I’ll put in a few checks to make sure it does this on next release.

thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to find a way to make the difficulty curve less jarring, it’s probably due to the lack of higher end upgrades you can unlock, with the bee girl being the strongest one you can snag. A time what point did the game start to slow down for you?

I’ll try to investigate the cause of this bug, thanks for pointing it out! Do you remember exactly what icons you were selecting when the Dps wasn’t stacking?