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welcome to falling through the same fucking platforms the game

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learn to speak proper english maybe then we'll understand you

yes it is your pc, it is clearly your pc, mine runs the game fine

+1 on the physics objects

Nice, I'll try it with ReVive to see if it works but if it doesn't I'll just wait

steamvr? (vive/index, i still have my old vive lying around so either will do)

read faq

read the faq

great, ill download it when i get home

Decent game, but there's no real indication as to who is who.

just download 7zip

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this shit is fucking scary, i love it so much

You, Anton Hand, and the guys at SL0 are probably the best VR gun developers I've seen so far, keep it up

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For me, after shooting around for a bit, it lags so bad that resetting/changing test room doesn't even fix it. I have to restart the entire game. Once I never used guns through the whole thing, only the melee, and it never lagged once.

For the grip button, I think this clip should sum it up (skip to 3:34): 

This, combined with the fact that it's in an awkward place; it hurts when holding on for too long.

EDIT: added some details

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Played it, and only encountered two issues:

1. Bullet decals can go onto your hand?

I managed this by shooting at a wall then slowly moving my hand from in front of the gun to behind the wall.

2. It lags a lot with full-auto guns sometimes.

Most prominent in Killhouse for me, it just drops from a solid high fps to about a 5.

Other than that, it's great.

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Please, for the love of god, make the Vive use grip toggle.

It hurts so much to hold down the grip buttons for more than 10 seconds.

EDIT: Also, please make the shells auto-remove after a while, they lag the game so much

searching around for free vr gun games on itch, having bought quite a few on Steam now

this looks like it will be fun, definitely gonna download it and try it out