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eat my toes hoes

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(spoilers btw, never check this comment section right before ur about to play)

"He knows he can do whatever he wants while you're at work, he can write to his family if he misses them, he can watch TV if he's bored, and he can take up gardening again if he needs a hobby. But there must be something missing between even all of that, as the only thing that seems to give him any peace at all is just the act of wordlessly sitting together with you. Sometimes you'll cuddle, or sometimes he rests his head on your shoulder as you read a book. And sometimes, on very rare occasions when the right kind of music is playing, he'll doze off on the couch and smile in his sleep.

It's not quite the same as a window full of pink tulips, but it's a start."

was my ending but wtf kind of ending have these guys got in the comment below

where the hell did you even get that from

i bothered making an account just to say this:

okay first of all, MY HEART. second of all, OWW PRECIOUS HEAARTTTT!!!
i love, literally E V E R Y T H I N G about this game. the aesthetic, the character designs, the music, the voice acting (even tho its just 2 lines), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE PLOT.

The Characters: the designs are awesome!! do you even know my first reaction when I saw Taku i was like "dang hes cute i hope i/Mina ends up with him" THEN THE NEXT GUY CAME IN and i was like "oh shit hes cute too i take back what i said" LMAO. i LOVE Rin as well, especially her personality! 

The Art: i myself do digital art, just not as good lol. my username here is literally the same name (but not username) i have on my twitter. but anyways did i forget to mention that I LOVE EVERYTHING WITH THE ART??? THE PALETTE AND THE COLOR SCHEMES IS JUST MWAH *chefs kiss. I love the art style!! It's really pretty!! Everything about the art is so cute! I love the CGs as well, i decided to make the cinnamon my background wallpaper, or sometimes I switch it up to the rainbow cake. Literally everything in the Gallery section is perfect for a wallpaper, thats just how beautiful I think the art style is!

THE PLOTT: I LOVE IT DUHH ive never seen a plot like this before!  everything was so meaningful. the sad moments touched my heart, it made me feel like i was feeling whatever Mina was feeling at that moment. I myself have no experience in love, and yet everything that happened made me feel like i have experienced it. it made me feel like i knew what love felt like, how a relationship works. it's just that good, despite being short. Its hard to fully explain without spoilers, but just know that its sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Oh and i love the idea of EDDA btw! but i just wonder how was Taku able to work there, like how was he chosen to work there? Did he do something honorable/worthy and EDDA decided he would be allowed to work there? What even is EDDA anyways? How was it formed? Idk. But you know what they say, some mysteries are better left unsolved. Maybe I should check their Twitter, i saw somewhere here that they had a twitter acc with updates.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

SO TO SUMMARIZE IT IS A GREAT GAME, definitely should check it out! Get ready for the feels tho (if ur such an emotional being like me lmao) It would be nice if a new game was added about the creation of EDDA. Like for example a long time ago it started with love between a human and magical nymph etc etc. im glad my potato pc was able to run this lmao, though it kept lagging and i had to keep saving and exiting the game then opening it again, which ruined my experience a lil bit, but nonetheless its an amazing short story! Usually right after I download a game and finish it, I'd delete it instantly, but for this one I'll keep it in my folders to replay it again someday. That's all, ty for your time reading my poorly written comment! I was born to suck at expressing myself properly unfortunately, but i do hope i managed to get the message through! now i feel like posting a fan art lol. oh well, CYA!!