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Updated again last night but I can't figure out how to add a devlog once the first prompt is dismissed. I fixed the camera so you can pan around and zoom with the mouse. I have to refine this control but now you can at least control the view yourself.

The game is starting to feel like it's getting closer to completion. Now you have a limited amount of fuel with which to  move. Aiming and power are set up. Need to refine the controls and add the menus and help system still.

I'm doing daily updates on Twitter as well. As of now the terrain auto-generates using perlin noise and an array of 5 possible items populates randomly on the map.

Still upcoming:
 - select number of players
 - turn based attack phase
 - fuel guague for movement per turn
 - scoring, menus, help system
 - music / sound
 - custom models (instead of the ones fromt he Tanks tutorial)

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Haha! @40min So sorry! I got as much as I could done in 3 days but I'm working all month on this one for NaNoWriMo.

Not super-fast yet but the plan is for the procedurally (Perlin noise) generated terrain to mimic the old DOS Tank Wars game. As well I'm placing the decorations (obstacles) randomly. The players will be chosen before each round. If I can I'll add in an AI tank.

It's going to be turn based a bit more like Worms. Where you can use a bit of power to move and fire but then your turn is over, and the other players get a chance.

Anyway, thanks for playing my entry! Some great ones in here! Good work everyone!

Thanks! I have less than dial-up access here at my friend's cottage. Just able to view it at 144p! haha

Maybe I'll finish it once I get back.

It was silly to think I would get any further in 4 evenings, but I liked the idea of this jam so I wanted to try. Now I'm off to a friend's cottage for a week so I wont' see your flames. Enjoy!