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Do you live somewhere in asia?

I love your games

I love how they marry their parents

Short game but is beautiful and amazing in an unexplainable way

I don't get it, I think the pictures symbolizes something but i'm not sure

Great game, I look forward on future updates

I like the way you made the strategic and playable as one character with a sword. I just have a few suggestions. 

Legions - you get to fight alongside your comrades and fight against armies. Then you get promoted to a commander where you can control or lead troops, ask for reinforcements, and decide when your archers and swordsmen will attack. Finally the general where you can position your troops strategically to attack the borders or provinces/villages (This include a more detailed map)  

Weapons - weapons get retextured so it will not cause the player/npc to get stuck but it can slice through enemies which deals damage

maybe a little bit harder for players and more details with bigger maps with each country takes control of a few provinces and one city and more sharper borders for each provinces

I love the graphics, I look forward to the future updates 

I think its better to let the mouse be the control and let it click to the the unit then the desired position it will go 

I love the game but can you make a tutorial part or something that would help the player?

why, I can't promote my pawn

I thought the game was more complicated than it is and I tried the motti tactic but end up getting killed lol

I have a few ideas.
Morale - it changes depending on the victories and number of retreats of the unit and may affect the damage or luck the unit will have depending on the cause.

Custom names for units - this allows the player to customize the name of the unit he owns like 61st infantry regiment and Legio IX.

Custom themes - this allows players to choose a theme like; ancient times, where the artillery unit turns into a catapult unit and ww2 theme that changes the cavalry unit into a tank unit. The tank unit is a bit stronger than the normal infantry unit but has higher luck or damage when supported by an infantry unit

I have reached 100,000+ altitude but still did not reach the sun

Can you make it mouse controlled? like the plane goes where you drag your cursor

Wow its amazing, can you make a multiplayer one? and singleplayer where there are Ais to fight with 

Great game but as soon as I started playing  hundreds of flaks fire on me resulting instant death and happens all the time, there are times I lasted longer but the flaks are insanely accurate. I saw other planes firing at me but couldn't enjoy the dogfight or even start a dogfight because of too many flak :(

Great game but lacks players

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Great game

but the plane keeps falling after 30 secs or something even if I try to make it stable. I think the plane needs a propeller because its just gliding

There seems to be a flat map under the map, is there anything hidden there?

more players

Can you also make a cockpit view? it would be epic to look at the cockpit while shooting

I really wanted to reach the end but the fuel always run out quickly

The best ww2 plane game I know here in itch io

thank you for creating this

Great game, I love it 

can you make a ww2 version of this?

Great game, but can add more challenges

like more enemies and allied tanks?

Sorry my bad, I looked at my history and found it but it was just one of my bookmarks I must've clicked it and did not notice

The bookmark was located on top of my screen

this is the bookmark

Periodic Table of Tech - The Beacon

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One time when I assaulted an enemy settlement, wiped out its defences and had it separated from incoming reinforcements leaving only one infantry unit in the settlement then and I surrounded it at all 4 sides and I attacked the settlement but despite all the supporting units supporting the unit I used to attack the settlement the red unit in the settlement still managed to make my attacking unit to retreat and that gave enough time for more reinforcements to flood the site. Is this bad luck or is it because of my foolish choice/s like not to use my reserves?

maybe if players can choose between classic ones and the detailed ones? this allows players who want classic symbols and players who want more detailed symbols to choose what they prefer. Also, a default setting where units are displayed in classic symbols when unchecked and displaying detailed symbols when checked like the ones you said

I had a great time playing with this game. I've achieved victory in every map with green factions  I just hope battles can be soon recorded ingame 

This is my lattest game so far

Thank you for Creating this game

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new maps in different sizes where players can choose the size of the map they want to play with

some maps that are specialized for different units like an open field with a few forests for cav and infantry  and some maps with more seas and more islands for naval battles and maps that are balanced for all the units 

I have lots of troops in the provinces surrounded by my provinces with smaller forces, how can I combine my troops?

to spread my troops

What are the conrtols

Great game but while I was playing I got redirected to a different site 

Simple but good, I like it

But I hope it stays free

I love it