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Thanks! Im working on other projects right now but maybe in the future I'll finish it.

ok, thanks anyway :)

thanks, I am working on a bigger project with some other people right now but maybe in the future.

lol, that's a good score.


yeah, its definitely better than my game

Good game but the intro the cartridge is facing the wrong way (that's just a nitpick though).

it looks cool but I can't play it as im on Mac.

Cool concept! The art is also really authentic as well!

Cool concept and it looks really great!

This is really close to the original! I'd be surprised if you couldn't actually make this into a real game and watch game


yeah, if I had more time I would have tried to fix it but even during the jam when I added something it almost always broke something else

Thanks, the original has it the opposite way round but I couldn't get it to work that way.

its kind of like a slingshot, you point it away from where you want to go. The game isn't finished by any means but I wanted to publish something, even if it was very buggy.

Weird, thanks!

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oh, you have to hold Z and then use the arrow keys (sorry I forgot to add that)

I've been trying to submit my game to the jam for a while now but it isn't showing up in the submit a project page.

The game isn't good, it isn't even finished but I want to see if people like the (very buggy) game.

ah, I hope you didn't waste too much time on this, this sounds like some Mario 64 speed running stuff lol.

Wait, how did you beat it with 0 deaths?

Great work! This is really good. some things though are that the player feels a bit too fast for some bits and it would be nice if you could use the arrow keys.

WOW! This game is amazing! I think this has potential to become a full steam or even console game! If you plan to do that I would be honoured if I could help.

Wow, you crazy son of a gun you did it! 

I would give you a prize but I don't really have anything to give, here's a cookie instead: 🍪

thanks, I don't think I can get the webGL build fixed but there is still a download for the game.

thanks, yeah I should have added a tutorial or something.

thanks, I haven't made a webGL build since I got  new computer so I must have not set something up right.

Thanks, yeah without post processing the game looked bland but I get what you mean, its a balancing thing, also I was going to make my own music for the game but the deadline was fast approaching and I wanted the game to have music and that's the only one I found that sounded like it would fit the game.

with the webGL build I rebuilt it twice now, changing compression settings (as someone told me to try that) but that didn't work either. how weird.

You could make it in the style of gameboy color, and you can use more colours in general.

Nice! I've made games for mobile before and its super exciting!

I did that just there but it still didn't work for me.

thanks, I'll try that

I don't think there is a prize.

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ok, I'll try to make a new build

edit: I put a new build on but it also didn't work.

Thanks, I didn't know about that bug.

looks great!

Yeah, I only noticed that when I uploaded it.

This looks amazing! I can't play it though as im on Mac.

ok, thanks :)

ok, sorry but what are you meant to click?

Cool concept but I didn't know what to click, I clicked every object but nothing happened.