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rub the lower belly a bunch after the bar reaches above 3/4ths in the massage stage!

Thanks for the encouraging words!  It may be a while, but I'm certainly going to have something more to post in the future.

@VampireDev I probably won't continue this, but who knows. Maybe if I get really inspired. The code I made for it will be used again probably. I could even submit the 2nd level into another jam or something, maybe the comfy jam.

I coded in a ~1 second invulnerability period after damage and never adjusted it. I decided to make the ashbeasts harmless for this demo as well. Yea, a knockback and potentially a 1 enemy per attack mechanic (depending on attack type) would be good for this sort of gameplay.

Also falling off the platforms at first is intended, a little wtf moment for the player. Kinda cheap for sure though.

Thanks for the trying it!

Very nice jam game. Its complete, polished, and has music! Couldn't find anyway to break anything, good job!

v0.06 is much more stable in terms of collision and stuff

I also added middle click for 3rd person mode to show what might have been the gimmick for the 2nd level.

gonna go try everyone else's jam games now

@Hippie - I almost completely forgot about sticky keys since I disabled it so long ago, Thanks for the headsup!

@Hippie, Linnu As much as it evokes feelings of old flash games, sliding off moving platforms was intended as a sort of joke/deep metaphorical stuff. That being said, making the player go through 4 in a row was way too difficult.

@Linnu, yea, I'm should update the foreground player ash, right now its just a line that follows the player, It worked earlier when the player's speed was a little slower and the jump wasn't as high, but now that I adjusted that and zoomed the camera out its really easy to see it spawn, haha. Also I'm think I'm going to take the browser WebGL build down because it has some issues I haven't been able to fix. I'm updating to the most recent Unity build so I'll try to get that up again. I changed the controller so you can't get stuck in those locations any more and filled in those areas too!

Thanks for the comments!

as pointed out by a friend, r shift means right shift, not r + shift

Very tough, but very fun. The exploration is fun, and the hidden goodies really help motivate me to keep playing even when it seems too hard. The additional characters also bring some life to the overworld.

Even if I'm not quite a fan of futa, I tried this out. I realize its still a WIP but a tutorial for the battle system would be cool, because It seemed like I got stuck in a stalemate with the brigand where neither of us did any damage and I got ass fucked like 50 times.

Definitely has potential though, good work.

because people don't like readme's and I didn't add any explanation ingame heehee

Level 1: tap button with good timing to stop the sweeping trajectory L/R, U/D, and velocity in order to get meat into the dragon's mouth

Level 2: hold down the left mouse button to brush his teeth. avoid gums/eyes

Level 3: hold down left mouse button to rub dragon. Go for the feeties or where the hand cursor goes red. rub his crotch when the bar is like 3/4+ full to get a "secret" ending

WASD moves the camera in level 2,3 and mouse wheel zooms

Thanks for the comment!  It was a fun little concept project.  The atmosphere was supposed to be over the top heavy handed, with some silly wordplay in there just because.  I had a lot of fun making it, and if I wasn't so lazy I'd continue it.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my short iffy demo!
I've recently got a Gear VR headset, so I'm trying to rev the creative gears of motivation again.

I want to make another little thing with this dragon, maybe some VR (and non VR for those who don't have it) dragon petting and feeding, something really chill and cute, and probably with lewd options as well!  and definitely with more polish than this time limited demo had!

I'd recommend using the cheat described on the top of the page to unlock all levels if you are having trouble.

I didn't make the bars at all clear in their purpose, but one is anger, and the other is teeth cleanliness. The cleanliness bar is 50% the bottom row and 50% the top row. Touching his gums or eyes will increase the anger meter, and he'll eat your toothbrush if you do it too much. You have 2 spare toothbrushes. Its probable that you got one to like 99% cleanliness or something

(its also a crappy unfinished demo, sorry)

Making a 2D game in a 3D engine gives you lots of possibilities, and also a couple complications with getting stuff pixel perfect.

The story was supposed to be a little heavy handed to the point of being silly, but ironic humor is fickle so it can go either way. I wanted to take the story in a surreal Silent Hill kind of direction but as always my ideas are grander than my time and ability [to avoid procrastination].

You can also hit middle click in the latest build to go into the experimental 3rd person mode that was going to be used for the 2nd level. It really breaks the game of course but its there.

Thanks for the comment!

The only intended weird stuff was after the win condition, where everything gets all wiggly. Other than that, I've heard of bugs from friends that I haven't been able to replicate, like the bat getting scaled weirdly.

I spent way too much time on all the non-game stuff in this but it was worth it. Most of the work done here will benefit my other projects, which is one purpose of these game jams. I was sorta ashamed to post this because of its unfinished nature, but I had a deal with a friend to get him to submit his game as well.

(excuse the blogpost)

  • Fur shader: Custom (and still WIP) fur shader that allows adjustable density, pattern, length, fade etc.
  • Omnidirectional controller: This part gave me the most issues, and is responsible for the awkward handling in the demo. I ran into some vector/quaternion nightmares when I tried to make the bat cling and align to surfaces while still keeping his local rotation and controls. I also make the bat a child object of what he lands on, so he inherits some scaling/position from it, and if something goes wrong its possible for him to keep some of the scaling and get all weird.
  • Blood sucking: This was fun, but introduced some issues. In order for Unity to find the color of a pixel on a texture (blood vein), the texture has to be on a mesh collider. Since you can't animate mesh colliders, I had to make the cow sort of a minecraft monster, where his limbs were separate objects. You can also easily notice where his neck/head moves but the part you can land on does not.

I ran out of time with the milk shooting udder tentacles. I was planning on writing a really cool tentacle script that could stretch and curve realistically, and follow you better. I had to settle with some bullet hell type stuff that just got really annoying, and you could hide from them very easily.

tldr: I didn't spend enough time on it but released it anyway.

Yes, this is made in Unity. I'd recommend it for anyone interested in playing around with making games, especially for 3D. The next jam game I'm working on (due in 3 days, will be posted here) uses its 2D capabilities too.

thanks for the response!

Yes, I will use this account for any foreseeable future projects.

Yea, the dragon allows himself to be put in restraints for the tooth brushing, since he can get a bit snappy. He might also enjoy it a little ;). I didn't have time to complete a good animation for that part, so if you annoy him the toothbrush just magically warps to his mouth. The text issue was just me forgetting to snap some of the text to the corner, so it doesn't scale well.

Those suggestions are great! I can visualize many game mechanics from those situations. This game was originally called Kobold servant simulator, but I felt it better to have the player self insert or whatever. The idea was that the player is the dragon's servant, but he depends on you a little more than he should, due to his inexperience/fondness for you.

He was originally going to be either the main or sub-character in my main (non-nsfw) project, and maybe he still will be. You'll have to wait till ~January 8th for the demoday to see that one's progress.

I really appreciate the comments, they really boost motivation, thanks again!

(Edited 2 times)

Thanks for the comment! I've thought about coming back to this, but it was just a jam game and it needs a little more TLC than I'm willing to spend on it atm, since I have a couple other projects I'm working on. However, Its definitely not my last project with this dragon, and probably not my last lewd game either. I'm definitely working on improving the dragon model, since working with it exposed a lot of flaws.

Also the last two scenes are pannable (edit: rotatable, not pannable at all, you are right) with WASD on the keyboard unless something went horribly wrong with the build. You can zoom with mouse wheel too. Lemme know if that is what you meant, I could easily modify it and post a new build. Suggestions to add to it are also welcome, I could add stuff in my spare time.

P.S. Since its been out for a while: click in the very upper right of the menu a bunch for a quick "unlock all scenes" cheat. I know the first one is sorta tedious. I assume you got the "secret" ending as well?

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

here's some random picky critique, take it as you will:

For the monster sprites: consider using a padding between frames in the spritesheets (configure in the sprite slicer), I think this is what causes that thin line at the border of the monster's sprite square.

Also having a visual strike marker (brief effect at point of collision) would be very helpful for the player to gauge hit distance, since the 2D nature of the sprites makes it sometimes tough to tell when your melee attack is in range.

You run faster diagonally, and can jump quite farther when running diagonally as well. Its your choice to change this, but know bouncing around is going to become a pro-strat if you keep this in.

sidenote: those two files (player_win_x86.pdb and player_win_x86_s.pdb) in the root directory are files that are generated when you select "development build" They kinda bump up the filesize, and you don't need them to play it.

sidenote 2: after building, check the editor log to see a breakdown of what takes up space in your final build. I'm guessing you could slim the filesize down a bit with some of unity's texture compression options (for nonsprites that is)

I look forward to seeing this finished, don't drop it!