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Thanks for the feedback! I've found that the toughest part of game development is getting people to play the game lol. 

Somehow I'd like to improve at marketing the game. 

btw, I'm working on another shmup, a more polished Gunnier Zed. 

My goal for it is to sell it commercially!

Glad to help.

Nice visuals spot on recreation of Atari like graphics,  really quirky game concept!

A Gamer Tomogachi…  Yikes!

I found Some bugs while playing:

-I couldn't toggle through menus, only the space bar for selecting worked.

-the food plat overlaps the son

that's about it. Nice work!

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Is there going to be android and ios support for build releasing?

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the title screen is visible but passed that a black screen occurs. The games running since I can hear sfx go when I press buttons. it's just that a black screen is there.

The Web application loads for me but when the game runs it's a blank screen. the music's going but I can't see anything.

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You can follow my twitter to discover other game projects I work on:

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Thanks for the feed back. 

Each playable character fires at a different rate. 

Are you referring to the character you start with at the beginning of the game?

Games finally updated. There's a sizable amount of new content especially with the added cutscenes for the story.

The game update for Hex Before Cristmas is out now with new music, unlockable characters, art, Cutscenes, gameplay tweaks, new boss. took a little longer than I thought but it was a worth while learning experience.

Welp I some how threw my own self out the ring....

 interesting game, its kind of like a 3d smash bros with out wave dashing or attacks. the visuals are nice and the sounds are okay. I liked the presentation. but the character physics are kind of lacking. I didn't enjoy the instant stopping that comes from using the ropes. there were times where I wanted to go from one side of the ring to the other but the dash from the ropes stopped all momentum. I kind of feel like that stops the momentum of the game too. There is precise movement here but I think momentum of players should take time to slow down. 

sidenote anyone remember playing that cartoon network game, Ed, Edd, and Eddy Cul-De-Sac Smash? this game sorta reminds me of it. the physics for the cars momentum in that game sort of illustrate what I'm talking about. 

thanks for the critique. I'm working on polishing the game. I have music for all the levels and bosses and extra art. I'm adding a lot of different polishes at once so the update's not ready yet. If you'd like to, maybe try the game again after I update it. I'll make a post when I do.

thanks, I sorta put all the effort into gameplay and overlooked the importance of player image. I think that was a mistake. I knew I wanted to make a holiday SHMUP but I didn't have a structured plan for the overall production of the game. I'm just now getting a feel for the work pipeline while working on this game in post. 

I kind of think games that have good visuals but mediocre gameplay get more attention than games with good gameplay but bad visuals.

 what are your thoughts on that?

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I'm working on polishing the game, so far I added music for all levels and boss battles, another playable character, portraits for the character select screen, tweaked boss and enemy stats and bullet patterns, added CUTSCENES and dialogue (still writing those). 

I haven't updated the game yet with the new polish but I will soon today or tomorrow when I get the cutscenes in. 

Thank you to those who critiqued the game so far. please consider playing again after I update it. I'll make another post when I do update.

Very charming game and a very polished one too! Playing it was kind of inspiring from a design perspective. presenting your games story on in book format as the level itself is something I haven't seen before. This really makes me wonder what a novel sized game of this would look like if there were more visual representations for the setting the book reads about. maybe a novel sized game of this in reality is not so fun but my imagination was captured by the experience. Nice work. 

I thought the gameplay was pretty fun

the design of the level and enemies blended well together creating a hierarchy between dodging and attack that I found to be enjoyable.

the scripted events such as falling down into the second part of the level could use some tuning but it doesn't affect gameplay.

I only have one real negative and it has to do with the game maker installation client. Maybe just upload a copy of the executable for the game itself instead of the install client. I almost didn't play this because it required admin permission and it made me think that the file you uploaded was suspicious. 

anyway, I liked the game and would love to see it fleshed out in the future.

This is really fun and unique!!! good work!

This was really informative and concise. It gave me some design choices to think about when I try to add some spice to my own games. Thanks.