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I'm just here for the drugs :3

Your animations are just the best!

This is lovely!

I used to want to buy this asset pack; I mean, I still do, but I used to too! Then I did; thanks, great work!

Thanks for the update! Now get back to work! :D

Great job. This goes great with your other pack. When I get home, you got my money :)

You will save every one of us...

Great game! Thanks for sharing.


Khajiit has animations if you have the coin...

Don't make demands of the pixel wizard!

Great! I just paid; the weirdness with Stripe makes me shake my head sometimes because even without a Paypal account, people can still pay with their card lol.

I don't do Twitter, there's no real point for me. I wasn't sure if you knew about the issue; I've bought tons of assets from and only have encountered issues twice; the only other time it was with the settings of a seller's Paypal account.

I attempted to purchase; there seems to be some sort of restrictions on what types of cards you accept.

Suddenly I want to go back to bed :/

Great job with the new effects.

To Paypal! Post-haste!

In addition to the other user, I too have cancelled my payment; apparently, you have to accept the payment in Paypal in order for the transaction to go through. I'd love to purchase this asset, but I'm unwilling to have a long term unclaimed payment pending. Thanks, have a great day.

I do! You did a great job.


I took your ghost :D

You're doing a great job with these assets.

Your art is very nice.



Great job! I love your characters; next payday my friend :3

These icons are exquisite.

I purchased all of your sprites awhile ago; I love them.

That's understandable. Thanks!

You continue making these assets and I will purchase everything :)