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fun little game, enjoyed the concept and the atmosphere was pretty cool.

Really fun concept and the atmosphere was amazing! can't wait to see the full game :)

The whole game is a combo of actual fear and comedy and i think that gave this game a really interesting atmosphere to be in :)

really fun camera work, awkward at times but overall a really dank experience :)

Really interesting concept for a full game, can't wait to see the final project. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the tension building towards the end. 

Really great atmospher, unique experience.

Really fun little game, gave me a good laugh

Really fun little game, enjoyed it alot :)

This was done when editing the video, sorry i can't be much help

Fun little game, enjoyed the atmosphere

Really unique game style, surprised me with how creepy this atmosphere was. really came out great :) 

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Really enjoyed this game, shows how far a game can go to keep a player envolved without tripple A graphics. Great humour and really enjoyed overall

Really interesting game, well made for a short experience. really had me immersed.

Actually surprised by how entertaining this game is, deffinately worth playing

Very interesting short horror experience, really made me dig deeper into the siren head theories, worth the play :)

Really interesting little game! worth the play :)

This game is trippy as all hell and i still dont quite understand it but deffinately an interesting game. 

super fun game to play, really great atmosphere throughout :)

For as short as the games was, it was a really fun experience, hope to see more in the future :)

Really great atmosphere in this game, genuinley had me theorising haha :)